Uber lvl-ing


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Uber lvl-ing

Hi, i was searching the internet for fast lvling, and then i came across a site where they explained uber lvling..

im wondering if someone here on the forum has expierence with uberlvling (how-to do it) cause i wanna do it sometime :smiley:



Re: Uber lvl-ing

Visit PLAYER MATCHUP forum . a lot of people are organising free-to-join uber lvlving, u just have to be in hell act 5, it is A GREAT way to lvl. Anyway check that forum part out

If you want to host such an event there waws somewherea guide... here in forums.
Re: Uber lvl-ing

Correct. Trekmaster seems to hold such levelings regularly on Europe. See if you can join one of his sessions. Once I complete my keyset I will definitely ask him to host one, since he's somewhat of a pro on that.