Uber Lilith-Duriel-Izual


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Uber Lilith-Duriel-Izual

I just wanted to share with everyone who has helped me with equipment and so on, that earlier on today i soloed (Lilith-Duriel-Izual) for the first time. I enjoyed it that much that i did it a second time just a minute ago.

Thanks again to all the people who helped me out with my objective.

YaY My first successful solo.


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Re: Uber Lilith-Duriel-Izual


That's what I want to do- a mini uber. I've spent some time key farming and so far have only one of each. The first time I ever did a key run the three keys dropped almost immediately. It made me think it might be kinda easy...BUT...hours of fruitless searching later I have yet to get anymore keys:((

Kudos to you, I hope I can find two more sets of keys so I can do a mini uber too.:wink2: