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uber killing Frenzy Barbarian

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by brualness, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. brualness

    brualness Banned

    Jul 18, 2006
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    uber killing Frenzy Barbarian

    uber killing Frenzy Barbarian

    this is my 1st guide every arfter 2-3 trying at making a uber killing baba i came
    up with this. know yout prob think y not just make a smaiter to do the job. Well all i can say is
    i am not a pala fan at all

    lets get on with this

    1st of all the items and why

    wep1 ba lw - gives you 60-75 cb makes life tap(very 1 knows u need that in ubers) and gives you fade to help the res out a bit
    wep 2 ba brast - well for 1 reson really the arua
    wep swich 2x 3to bo weps or 1 hoto and a cta 3 3 3 = 7 to bo
    armor emi mp with 1xxx def- not 4 the tele at all i have this on 4 the + to str (more ponts 4 life)
    ring 1 ravon 2xx ar 19-20 dex do i really need 2 say 1 i have a ravon?
    ring 2 5 ml 1xx ar 10all res +mods always helps
    belt Verdungo‘s here i went for a high life 1
    boots Gore Rider for the cb ow ect...
    gloves Dracul‘s thay can make life tap tp and 1x str
    helm Arreat‘s Face with a 40ed 8 max dam jool in it help bring thet dam up and the +sks res fhr
    amu highlords 1-all sks and 20 ias (nice nice)

    here i would go with a nice mix of charms
    4x bo sks rest life scs and max dam ar charms torch and anni

    now the sks

    skill tree
    maxed Frenzy
    maxed Shout
    maxed Battle Orders
    1 pont in Battle Command
    maxed Axe Mastery
    1 pont in Increased Speed
    1 pont in Natural Resistance
    puting rest in to Iron Skin

    with the way i mad mine he has 5.6k life 18k def and moves prirry dam fast

    str left at bass 30 coz with all the +str u get from the EQ you dont really need to put punts in to str
    dex put about 90 in for a bit more ar with the ar i got 9 k and have no prob killing the ubers
    life rest here
    mana not even 1 pont here


    lvling him to 76 well there is only 1 way leech and leech more
    and when it comes to the pots full rejuvenation/rejuvenation only coz with having so much life from a normal pot u will olny get back 650 life

    and here is a tip about keeping your weps fixed just keep some orts in the stach and try and keep the cash lvl up and yr weps should be fine

    larst words
    well i hope u like him as much as i do and good luck :)
  2. batuchka

    batuchka Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 16, 2003
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    Well done on the effort ^^ Perhaps for completeness you could:

    1) Offer more tactical advice on crowd control in Uber Trist (Howl,use of tele from nigma?)

    2) Offer an alternative route for normal levelling and low/mid lvl gear?

    3) ED/Max in armor is bugged so perhaps another alternative for socket job in Arreats?

    4) Maybe attach fpa/base weapon speed table or a short write up (hint to a link)for those who wish to use non zerkers

    5) AR boost from angelics, demonlimb prebuff

    6) Types of dangerous monsters who could screw run up (PI ghoulords, mana draining gloams, etc)

    Cheers :thumbsup:
  3. brualness

    brualness Banned

    Jul 18, 2006
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    1. i don't really juse the tele on the eni (when in ubers i just fin them and kill them nn 2 tele) but dose help when u have done the run and u want 2 get back 2 the portel

    2 . there is really only 1 way 2 lvl this baba and that is get 2 hell dia runs asp (sorry)

    4 oki will add 1

    5. the ar will be fine nn a bust from angelics

    6 well its an uber killing baba and thay aways die and as notmal when douning the key bit when it comes 2 ubers izzy wach out 4 im ofc

  4. Spankeh

    Spankeh Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 6, 2006
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    Stand by for uberguide in 24 hours

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