uber javazon


uber javazon

guys, im looking to uber solo with a javazon.

i know i know i know i know that it is VERY hard to do it alone. but, i know it CAN be done.

any suggestions? and wat should be my gear?

thank you guys


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Well the beginning ubers go down pretty easy (compared to the real ubers) to cs. (except maybe lith)

but against meph/baal/diablo your gona have to use jab or fiend

-Im gona think about the gear when im at work, ill post bak this afternoon.


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Well you need to take the fight in two stages, one is dealing with meph and the other is baal and diablo. The main change would be swapping out the helm from kiras when fighting meph to g face after your done

helm: kiras or g-face
body armor: coh
shield: spirit ward (fade and resis and block)
jav: titans
belt: Dungos (life and additional pdr added to fade)
gloves: draculs
boots: gores
rings: rings with resis +stats (may want fcr rings if you are doing the lesser minions and using enigma)

wand with tap charges

charms - stack resis is important, so is fhr, +damage is a plus because you will be jabbing or fiending.

Skills - i am unsure of (note that d/a/e might cause you to go into a lot of recovery because of all that is hitting you. Think twice before you put too much in those skills. A valk with maxed decoy can take a lot of hits so that might be good.)

-I have never tried ubers or prolly will ever, but i would appreciate if you let me kno how you do if you choose to try it.