Uber-Hunting Questions...


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Uber-Hunting Questions...

I have several questions pertaining to the title (topic, whatever...). The first and most obvious would be where an in-depth analysis/guide of the "art" of Uber-Hunting could be found. The others relate to conflicting things that I've heard - here they are:

1. Conviction cancellation? I heard that Uber-Mephisto has a level 20 conviction aura that can be overridden if mine is of a higher level. Some people I've talked to swear this doesn't happen while others swear it does. Supposedly, Uber-Mephisto's aura is what "70% of the hardness of this" is all about.

2. The damage of each Uber boss. Arreat Summit says that each Uber's melee is ~500 damage. The people I've talked to say it's around 2,000+ after "their damage modifiers." Again, on Arreat Summit, I don't see anything "modifying" this average, so I'm a bit confused. I know they hit hard, but...2k per swing?

3. The minions. I've heard they're immune to everything but physical and that they don't "respawn" when killed, per say, but will just keep appearing at random whether you kill one or not. If they just keep appearing exponentially, won't they just fill the screen and not even give you room to uh...exist? Also, I hear that killing a minion group's "leader" (Uber) won't KILL all their minions or even make them stop appearing, but that it will "just slow down their appearance rate."

I don't know how much of what I'm hearing is purely true, how much is true but greatly exaggerated, and how much is just flat out bull****. I have a zeal/smite hybrid dreamdin that I was told upon analysis of my gear "will die a lot." I know what I have to switch out, pretty much but here's my list:

DREAM Bone Visage
DREAM Kurast Shield
GRIEF Phase Blade
GORE RIDER Battle Boots
DRACUL'S GRASP Vampirebone Gloves
Bul-Katho's Wedding Band (5%)
Ravenfrost (20 dex)
Highlord's Wrath

I know I need more CB, and I was told I need more lifetap (because "if they do 2k+ damage, you need to stay alive a LOT longer to cast it"). To remedy this, I should do the following - replace GRIEF/DREAM with LAST WISH/EXILE, replace DREAM with Guillerme's Face, and maybe swap the belt out? I have about 2.2k life with MY BO, but more like 3.5k life with a decent barbarian BO. Critique away, please and if I'm not ready, tell me what I should be doing to get ready - I know the Ubers are rough, but I suppose what my questions are getting at is "how rough."

...oh yeah, my (base level) skills are: 20 resist lightning, 20 holy shield, 20 conviction, 20 zeal, 7 (something like that - working on maxing it) sacrifice and 1 into prereqs.