Uber Diablo is hunting ME

Klæmint Vágadal

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Uber Diablo is hunting ME

Last night I made a trade game, and guess what? The SoJ counter vent crazy, and now I joined a trade game where somone offers a griswold helmet, I think I joined by accident since I dont need a gris helmet, and the SoJ counter started before I got the time to leave the game :grin: So I am just camping and wating for my 20/20/10 Anni :laugh: Only bad thing is that a Pala is altso there, but I think hes afk..

EDIT: Spawned him at Pindleskin, and the Anni turned out 19/12/8 :grin:


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Few days ago i killed dc twice in a row. 3 hours apart. Both walked
on my hell muling games. Lucky, nice and safe :laugh:


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Give me some luck please.:laugh:

Even if I hunt DClone, I never get him. :shocked:


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Sunday is very good for annis.

He just walk on me, I went in with my summoner and bagged it. :grin:

11/16/7 - low, but just what I needed :cool:

This is my second anni, got my first one on a sunday also.


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Had an Dclone today also, walked in a muling game. Had to get help tho, but the anni turned out 18/19/9 :)


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i fell asleep the other night and left a game running. when i woke up i checked the msgs to see if any1 i knew had come on and found that big D was walkin around. i had almost just exited and went back to bed, thank god for curiosity.