Uber Diablo and WF questions


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Uber Diablo and WF questions

I've heard people say that they were bored and felt like making an uber
daiblo game. What does this mean and how do you make a game where
he comes? Also, whats the value of a WF, is it possible to trade a ladder
Valor for a ladder WF?


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Please Stop Spamming

You appear to have posted the exact same thread in at least 7 different forums! FFS stop it!


Its wrong to spam and waste the time of numerous people trying to get an answer for the same question. Not to mention its quite lame, no flame intended.


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scottha16 said:
Not everybody checks all the forums, and besides what if Im looking for different answers???
I think your stay here will be short if you continue to disregard advice given on how to behave on these fora. The reason there are different fora here is to help people find the information and discussions they're interested in. For instance, there's a forum for price checks, so all the other fora won't drown in people asking the value of their newfound wf/valor/cracked sash or whatever. To knowingly ignore this sensible division is considered bad manner, and bad mannered people who won't ammend their ways usually end up banned.