Uber Defense Smiter?

Ce Olba

Uber Defense Smiter?

I'm making my first real Smiter. I will play PvP with it and think that I will:

Max Smite
Max Fana
Max Holy Shield
Max Defiance.

And for gear i play to use:

33/385 Phase Grief
37/12% Verdungo
2x Raven Frosts
2 Pala Skills 18 str rare amu
Pdia 191% non upg Zaka (I will maybe upg later)
Arkaine's Valor 2 skills
Helm maybe Andy

If I would then get to lvl that I got all the skills maxed, wouldn't i have godly defense? Since I checked from Battle.net site that max Holy shield gives about 300% defense, and if I max defiance , which gives 15% defese to holy shield per level, we get to have a total of 600% defense. And if I will use the gear about, i will have a base of about 2k or so defense. And when I will cast Holy shield, i will get a lot of defense, but I'm not sure how much. So can someone good in maths tell me how much defense would I have in the end? And if I have around 20k defense, wouldn't i be able to tank most of the chars in PvP except for those godly eth Exile Grief smiter and the eBotd+Enigma Tele Barbs. So, what do you think? Will it be worth the time?


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Here's what i think, any smiter with maxed smite/fana/holy shield already beats everything that need AR so there's no real need to max defiance.

IMO you should make either a smite/charge or simply a v/t :s


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im making the same character right now...having a bit of trouble

how r u getting ur resis? wouldnt a fortitude give u extra vita/resis/damage ...out weighing valor

would anyone use gaze for the pdr or a high kiras to cover resis problems

ill edit if this is considered hijacking