Uber D exp?


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Uber D exp?


I was fortunate enough to encounter the diablo clone today (after a fierce battle with my sorc, he dropped me a 14/11/5 :( - but hey, I'm not complaining).

I died shortly afterwards at the hands of one of those irritating fanaticism archers in the pits, but noticed my exp hadn't really dropped much with regards to before the fight with DC; it should have, given the fact that I was getting close to level 94.

Long question short: does Uber D give exp?


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I don't know, but here my guess: He gives 1 XP, just like the Ancients when you already killed them for the quest.


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He's level 110, so you're not going to get much experience from him because the mlvl is too far from your character I assume. I wouldn't know for sure, I'm in the processing of hunting him right now.


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From level 25 on, the penalties for being in a too high area aren't that high anymore. Anyway, I guess the clone is special, so there might be no xp penalty at all. After all, he can appear in act 1.


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Aha! I hadn't seen that page before :thumbsup:

Indeed I must have received some exp...5.5 mil isn't exactly ancients style, but it sure is hefty when you're in the 90's.

As far as the lvl difference being too great, I can't imagine that's the case....it's only about 17 lvls difference, something I've not noticed any problems with in nm and hell (until of course you've surpassed mlvls by 10, right?)....

Now I'm kind of pissed off that I died right afterwards....*grumble*...*grumble*.....

edit: bleh, but baal gives 4.5 mil, right? hmmm, I suppose not that much difference then. Uff guess who needs a good night's sleep?


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Generator Of Chaos said:

According to the Arreat Summit, he gives 5539200 Exp...Now..

*summons RTB*
We need the mathematics, factoring in the lvl diference and such...
Actual exp received per Diabloclone kill (P1, no party)
Clvl	Exp
80	1,951,309
81	1,784,503
82	1,612,977
83	1,436,730
84	1,255,761
85	1,010,072
86	811,996
87	616,078
**	467,370
89	354,510
90	269,976
91	205,851
92	158,347
93	118,907
94	92,451
95	70,075
96	51,930
97	38,160
98	28,915
It's the per Clvl penalties that are reducing that 5.5 million to almost nothing. Add 50% per additional player.


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I remember my Hammerdin was in the 70s and still questing in act 4 when he killed the clone at the beginning of this season, so I guess he got decent XP :). BTW, when he opened all the seals in the CS after killing the clone, the real Diablo didn't appear. I checked the seals twice and I definitely killed all three seal bosses.