Uber barb


Uber barb

Hi guys

i need to know where i can find a uber barbarian guide / strategy.

can anyone help me where i can find it?

THanks guys


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there's no uber barbarian guide as such, but the only barbarian that seems to ddo well in ubers in a frenzier. theres a guide on this forum in the sticky guides section. Ash Housewares comprehensive guide to frenzy i think its called. you just need afew gear twinks to turn it to an uberer but his skill/stat setup is what you want.
gear in my opinion should be
Arreats,highlords,fortitude,eBotDz,eDeathz,gores,dracs, ravensfrost, any belt with resists, and a resist ring or another ravens (i use carrionwind, but i never really bothered looking for better)