U.S. East druid meleers, ATTN to you.

U.S. East druid meleers, ATTN to you.

U.S. East needs fresh blood. I see scores of people here who play druids, but there are hardly ever private duel games up anymore. (or if they are up, there are usually three people there who have pummeled each other continuously for years)

I remember the days of 09 when there would be druidpk//1, druidpk1//1, druidpk2///2, all up at the same time due to the vast amount of people interested in honing their skills, learning about gear, asking advice from pros, old schoolers, trading gear. I am afraid that none of you new guys know about it, or old schoolers realize that it is still up very often.

In fact, the Druid Grove channel on USeast is usually as populated as a public chat channel

Come talk to me, come duel me, come come come!!!!!!!


(if it ain't up, put it up!! Always make it in nightmare difficulty)

Druidpk rules in brief for newcomers:

No lifetap
No enchant
No battle orders
No Cross Class Skills

fireclaws, rabies welcome - but tell us who you are!!! (so we can put on our hot spurs and venom wards :uhhuh: )

The community needs to grow so that we can host druid tournaments, have item giveaways, festivals, and beatdowns!


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im in.
although i need some gear first :wink2:

no seriously, i started yesterday on east NL after seeing that the druid dueling scene on east is pretty much better and much bigger then on europe.

-jordy :king:


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So nice, shame i cant play on east cause my ping there is >200, only noob casters in europe FFS :(.


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Ink I sent a pm to you some time ago to you just been wondering whats up. useast ladder xdark_towerx