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When I am typing and working on an assignment, if I am tired, I do it with my eyes closed. This way I am concentrating on my thoughts, and not the product. I have mentioned this before to someone, and was basically told I was a freak.

I'm not disputing that, but was curious if anyone else does this.



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I can't do that, I still need my eyes to occasionally audit what I'm typing.

This is what happens if I try to type while not looking at the screen.

Holy crap, I did it.

NOTE: I don't touch-type.


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i can but choose not to, i rarely look at the keyboard when i type, i just look at the monitor to make sure im hitting the correct keys
I type most of the time with my eyes closed if I am writing a paper. It is easier for me to concentrate on my thoughts and I can realize I am making typing mistakes faster.

I think of my outline in my head and what I'm typing next to it, and the keyboard below both of them. Seems to work out most of the time.

NOTE: Typed this post without looking or editing.


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I 10-key all day at work, and we get 10 and 11 digit account numbers to encode. When I mess those up twice, I do it the third time with eyes closed, and it gets it every time.

Helps my mentally picture where the keys are I guess, and I dont see any other numbers that would throw me off.

As for typing, I do it every now and then.

ogogo on ice

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Eyes closed while writing papers, my eyes just start sorta wandering if I'm writing something that I don't want to be writing that doesn't take much thought.


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My pet 'diller does all my typing. The only problem I have is sometimes he'll get carried away with the smile:wave:ys.

And all this time you all just thought I was a sucky spelleur. :badteeth:
When I'm doing stock, I have to enter a 13 digit National Stock Number. On a good day I can do it in under a second using the keypad without looking.

Lord Nyax

Holy jeez...13 digits in less than a second...that's fast.

Also, sometimes I type with my eyes closed, but often times I need to concentrate on where the blinky thing is...the...what the heck is this thing called...man, now I'm gonna go have to make a post in Dondrei's stupid "Forgotten Words" thread about it...

Anywho, I only type with my eyes closed to do..."speed-typing", where I just do as much as possible. Then I go back and correct naughty spelling mistakes. I tend to type a lot faster without looking at what I'm typing...weird...

Cannon Fodder

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I was always a rebel when I was younger, and refused to use the home row. I still don't, but I've done so much typing that I don't really need it. Once I take one glance down to orient my fingers they've got the keyboard ingrained well enough to just go. I find I actually type faster than many home row-ers this way, but make more errors. As far as I'm concerned it evens out. From habit I generally do a combination of looking at screen and keyboard, though when I think about I can type just fine without looking down.

This sentencve, hopwever, I tried to type with my eyes closed and I don't thjinkg its qworking so well.

Evrae Altana

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I type with my eyes open, but I usually never look at the keyboard itself. Instead, I look at the actual letters and words as they appear on the screen.
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