Two questions about my WW baba...


Two questions about my WW baba...


I have two questions about the WW (2 handed) baba I am going to make.

1st: Which ETH BotD weapon is better? Ghost Spear or Great Poleaxe? (both have range 5, speed 0, and 86,5 average dmg).

2nd: Shall I use a ENIGMA Breast plate and keep my base str, or shall I put on a elite armor (like Archon or Wyrmhide) and put some in str for the damage as well???

This is strictly PvP :)

Please help me out!


Jesus The Disco DJ

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as far as question 1 goes, GP by all means. Spear's req's are ridiculousy high in my opnion.

cant help much with question 2, but damage is a good thing.



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1 Well they require allmost the same stat points combined (spear a little higher). So basicly you want to decide if you want more ar (spear) or more damage (polearm). Or go with the one you find that looks the best :D

2. Well again your choice. do you want more damage and defense or more life.

These are actually question nobody can answer. It is all up to you :p


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hmm, is 100 base str too much?
i have 80 atm.. i need some str so i can lvl, cant use isenhharts for ever.. -.-


83-85 str is fine. Make sure you have annhil charm :). I got a 20/16/9 annhil charm for myself at lvl 70 and only have to get 87 str to use my botd colossus blade.