Two questions about ATMA


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Two questions about ATMA

Hi there... first time posting in SPF :$ :D

I have two questions regarding ATMA, i didn't post this in the sticky because is closed, i hope this is the right place to post this.

My first question is about the stash tree.
I wonder if there is someway to make my own ATMA tree, i'll try to make myself clear:

The default item tree that apears when i make a new stash looks like this:

[+] - Any Armor
[+] - Class Specific
[+] - Miscellaneous
[+] - Quest
[+] - Second Hand
[+] - Weapon

and i wanna change that tree to something like this:

[+] - Uniques
[+] - Rares
[+] - Magical
[+] - Sets
[+] - Runes
[+] - Gems
[+] - (...)

it is this possible?

/Edit:Already found a solution for my second question :$

I hope you understand me, i'm really sorry because my english is really really bad :'(

Thanks in advance.


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I don't believe it is possible, at least not easily. Hakai (the guy who programmed ATMA) would know best if anything could be done

Usually I have separate stashes for runes, different grade uniques, sets, white/socketed items, rares...If I put al my stuff into same stash it would be horrible mess after that :)

The ATMA thread isn't locked btw ;)


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Thanks, that's a good idea :p :)

btw, i swear i saw the thread locked... :(
i'm sorry for post this outside the thread

i think i need sleep for a while

Thanks again :D


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the tree is internal Blizzard programming, it has nothing to do with ATMA - it's the way Bliz catalogs items.