Two Mats and a Pat - the road to Enigma


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Short intro:

Greetings from Finland! Registered to back in -03 and had a great time fir a number of years. Got back to lurking the forums when i started D2 SP roughly a month ago inspired by the ladder reset. Seems like there's still familiar faces here posting regularly. For example I remember trading with Krischan in bnet EU back in the day. Wish you luck with that Mang's and Griffon's hunt.

1st month in SP:

Started out with a pretty clear goal in mind: make Enigma in SP and become OP. Never seen a hr drop in all the years playing d2 and figured that's one of those things every man should be able to cross from their to do/see-list. Right in between buying beard oil and having the love of your life make you a sandwich unconditionally... spoiler alert; bought the oil / found a hr / yet to see the latter / hoping the slightly scented oil will inspire her.

Collecting grail as I go but it's not something I worry about. I'll write down brief sections of each chars I've played so far. Maybe later I'll put together longer mat/pat thread style with pics. Writing this with my cellphone from a summer cottage after sauna so no cool drop pics etc...yet.

So I picked up a paladin with a hammerdin build in mind but then i started reading about LK runs. Left him sitting at Harrogath in normal and fired up a blizz sorc.

After finishing the game the plan was to farm the usual sweetspots for blizz sorc and create a new char or gear the paladin depending on the drops.

Matriarch Aktimoto (sorceress)

The story behind the name is too weird so I'll just skip ahead. Aktimoto is lvl 91 now with numerous deaths and a number of great drops. Blizzard as a skill has a great feel to it and there's something very therapeutic (addictive) in mf running in D2. It's like fishing, there's the constant feeling of 'maybe one more cast'. Collecting grail also gives that feeling even with lesser drops so no fish goes unappreciated.

Rolled a great map which includes decent AT and LK layouts, insane 2 tele meph, pretty good andy and ok:ish baal. Horrible countess though.

I was a bit sceptical about the fun factor of LK runs. I mean how could that chest popping feel like anything more than a chore? 'It's the most efficient way to find hr's you pleb' said the guides and threads. Yeah... why did I want that self made Enigma again?

A little off topic here. I once tried to explain to the misses how hard it is to find a Zod in d2. After about two minutes of intense explaining and complex hand movements on my behalf she replied 'You know what's even harder than that? Finding a girlfriend that will listen to that story...'

Anyway I cleared my inventory and bought some keys from Malah and headed to LK. Maybe a total of 2-3 hours went by and got a stash full of gems, jewels and charms. Only crafting runes though. Still didn't feel like the time was wasted because of all the lesser crap those chests throw at you.

Then it happened. Popped a chest with telekinesis and saw an orange flash. Went to dig through the garbage and there it was, Ohm. Snapped it and checked the inventory to make sure. Yep it's an Ohm. Save and exit. Stood up and made a high pitched noice. The misses asked 'what was that?' Like an idiot I tried to explain what had just happened. Pretty sure I threw in an Ohm-my-god joke. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

From then on the quest for self made Enigma became more about the journey. Been hitting those mf spots and found a decent amount of the more common uniques and set items. Here's a short list of the most thrilling drops:

Ohm - LK
Sur - LK
Vex - LK
Vex - meph
Ist - countess
3 Ums

The Sur and 2 Vex's dropped within a ridiculously short period of time. Maybe 3 hours of gameplay. There was an overall dry streak before it so it felt good.

Gris Corona - pindle
Stormlash - AT
Shako - meph
Zaka - andy
Bul Kathos mythical sword - Baal
Frostwind - Baal
Mavina Diadem - AT

There's some I can remember off the top of my head. CTA would be the first highend rw I'll make. Oh and by the way 4 highrunes later and still rocking a 4 topaz Scarab husk... diablo go home you're drunk.

Matriarch PitkaeHaara (amazon)

Her real name is Pitkähaara but since Diablo is a racist towards Northern European countries like Finland he won't accept anyone with the letter Ä in their name kicking his butt. Hence the ae. Her name is a combination of parts from the name of yours truly and the misses. If that makes sense. Direct translation would be LongCrotch.

Tldr: Started out as a fishyzon - went all in javazon - ended up as bowzon.

Leveled her twinked and using differeny bows and focusing on cold skills. Picked up cs and lfury later. Mainly inspired by her finding 19x ed Titans from nm meph. Thought I'd run cows with lfury like a crazy person but after Mat'n her I soon realized the blizz sorc can do it better atm. Back to the drawing board.

I felt a great nostalgia firing those bows while leveling her. Then I respeced again and went for traditional bowzon with ms/strafe. She sports a rather basic bowzon gear (treachery, atma, mavs diadem, gore etc) but a special mention to nearly perf Goldstrike arch (something like 240/200/190/130). Even though it's not one of the top tier bows I just love it. Anyone remember .09 pvp speedazon? And how you would slap on buri + blackthorn + cleglaws gloves every once in a while just to see the world burn.

Ran pits for a while and she's now lvl86. That Goldstrike deserves an upgrade, right? Oh come on you know it does.

Paladin whose name or status I can't remember. I guess the threasd title aws a bluff as he's not a Patriarch yet. Lvl 65 in nm a3. Fanazealot swinging stormlash is the plan but looking how LongCrotch had her plans rewritten a couple of times I wouldn't put my money on it.



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Lmao @ Burrito + Cleglaw's that's some tasty nostalgia right there. Hlap hloop I eat it.

Good choice on the Blizz sorc that's a strong first MF character. Ancient Tunnels will treat you kindly.


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Welcome back :). Nice write-up.

Agreed on the Blizz Sorc as mf character. And overall great character. Travincal indeed is a very good spot to search for HRs as well, and I prefer it over LK as well. Having said that, it's more difficult, and LK has a few other things going for it, like finding GC (skillers), gems to reroll or craft, ...

Looking forward to the rest of your stories, and the Enigma eventually. I have made my first one some time ago, and absolutely love it !!!


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Blizz sorc is good, and you'll find the HR drop rate to be much more generous now. Just a matter of time before that Zod drops!