Two Guardian Day


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Two Guardian Day

After having failed to produce a second guardian in several attempts since my first over a year ago (1.10 bowazon) I'm super happy to report the successful completion of two in one day today!

These chars are the survivors of Skunkbelly's 'Pass it on' tournament which produced some odd builds and some bombs of chars as they got passed around. However these two have been with me since the completion of Act I hell. Special rules in this tourney included a shared stash that allowed for limited storage of equipment. (essentially 2 of each equipment type, meaning one for you and one for your merc on each pass). The characters had to alternate using the same equipment, and completing quests.

Anyway, here they are, in the order they were played:

Pastyface, lvl 85 necromancer
Stats: (Naked)
Str 95, Dex 97, Vit 263, En 60
Life 727, mana 263

Curses: Amp 2, all others 1 except confuse and attract
Summoning: RS 20, SM 20, CG 3, SMage 3, GM 3, SR 2, IG 1, BG 1, FG 1, Rev. 1
P&B: Teeth 4, CE 15, BS 12, BA 1

Trueheart, lvl 82 Paladin
Stats: (Naked)
Str 110, Dex 147, Vit 233, En 15
Life 901, mana 136

Combat Skills: Zeal 13, Charge 2, conversion 1, Holy shield 6, prereqs 1 each
Off. Auras: Holy Fire 20, Holy Shock 20, Fanat 5, prereqs 1
Def. Auras: Resist Fire 15, Res. Lit 2

Equipment (Shared)
Merc Items: 
Tal's Mask, Kelpie Snare, 
Treachery Hellforge plate (socketed ethereal, 1143 def)

Character gear:
Sigon's Boots, Gloves, Shield (p. diamond)
Thundergod's Vigor Belt
Headstriker Battle Sword
Marshal's Amulet (+3 pally off auras)
Demon Machine

Geisha's Peasant Crown
War Hat
Defense: 108
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Strength: 20
Required Level: 28
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 50
Fingerprint: 0xab11a5a
+20 to Energy
+20 to Vitality
+100% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +11
Replenish Life +12
15% Faster Run/Walk
+1 to All Skill Levels
Socketed (1: 1 used)

Trueheart's Archon Plate
Defense: 890
Durability: 60 of 60
Required Strength: 103
Required Level: 63
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 85
Fingerprint: 0xed0216a3
+10 to Energy
+75% Enhanced Defense
+280 Defense vs. Missile
All Resistances +50
-1 to Light Radius
20% Faster Hit Recovery
Level 6 Weaken (18/18 Charges)
Socketed (2: 2 used)

Eagle Finger
Required Level: 60
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0x590c7c96
+29 to Attack Rating
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
Fire Resist +29%
34% Extra Gold from Monsters
9% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 1 Attract (22/22 Charges)

Viper Touch
Required Level: 37
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 78
Fingerprint: 0xac5fc29b
+4 to Dexterity
+32 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +4%
Lightning Resist +22%
Cold Resist +4%
Poison Resist +4%
3% Life stolen per hit
8% Chance to cast Level 5 Chain Lightning on attack

Ancients' Pledge
Sacred Targe
Defense: 201
Chance to Block:  60%
Smite Damage: 22 to 70
Durability: 44 of 45
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 86
Required Level: 47
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 80
Fingerprint: 0xa2bd8bcc
+50% Enhanced Defense
Fire Resist +13%
Fire Resist +60%
Lightning Resist +60%
Lightning Resist +13%
Cold Resist +43%
Cold Resist +25%
Poison Resist +13%
Poison Resist +60%
10% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Socketed (3: 3 used)

Raven Talisman
Required Level: 31
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 83
Fingerprint: 0x17de6dd
+3 to Strength
Fire Resist +18%
Lightning Resist +57%
Cold Resist +18%
Poison Resist +18%
8% Chance to cast Level 3 Chain Lightning on attack
In addition to the restricted gear they had a backpack full of charms giving resists and life. (+94 life) They also found a Gheeds, and rolled a skiller with p-gems for each (summoning necro charm, off. aura pally charm) Finally, Trueheart was packing lightning charms that totalled 8-235 additional damage.

Pastyface is a testament to the toughness of the Fishymancer, and shows how many extra points you can wasted with that build and still have a hell worthy char. Because he couldn't save a weapon with the stash rules he had to shop a new wand each time he was played. He encountered no really tough spots in the game, though the usual spots (maggot lair, arcane sanctuary) were slow. The Ancients were easy and baal was slow with no CB on the merc, but once in place he never moved.

Trueheart was an edge of the seat ride for me. Most of the time he was pretty good because he had good options. Nilhitak scared the crap out of me but with hit and run tactics trueheart survived despite taking a couple of CEs. On the first attempt at the ancients all three spawned stone skin.... I tried it, but after doing so little damage he had to open a town portal. Going back again he got cursed/CE Kalic, CE/Might Madwac and Extra fast/Spectral Hit Korlic. With the slow effect of the Kelpie snare they were split up and dispatched without too much difficulty on this attempt. The throne room had OK's in it, so they had to be separated and killed with the demon machine. The second wave was the hardest with no corpse control, but he got through. Lister also was a pain, stoneskin and lightning enchanted made him FI/PI and resistant to lightning. If it weren't for the PMH on the headstriker he never would have gone down. Again with the Kelpie snare Baal went down easily. The cows almost got Trueheart in the end. It was hard to get enough space to split the packs well. However, he did eventually manage it, and despite a NDE to an cursed/fanaticism cow he even searched out and killed the cow king.

So that's it! Special thanks to Skunkbelly and the other Pass it on competitors!



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Nice work CB!

Bah, necro summoners are a piece of cake on this patch, :grin: (help me understand the 4 in Teeth!!) but I am am impressed with the Pally. Nice job there!



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Congrats on your Guardians.

It was just about the time to finish those characters, because Skunkbelly's Ultimate challange is starting today! And I am actually only 2 places behind you, so I will play characters that will come from you. (I hope you will be nice and not screw them - like someone who put 4! skill points into Teeth)


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That's awesome:thumbsup: . Congrats on taking two characters through from that tourney. Pastyface didn't look too bad, but I'm guessing Trueheart was pretty difficult.


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Congrats on the Guardians. It always good to see the Tourney based Guardians, they are always interesting builds. How did the pally go hitting stuff in Hell?


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Well done; it is hard enough to Guardian and more so when you 'inherit' a character. Great achievement. :thumbsup:


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two guardians in one day :shocked: :thumbsup:

A big plus to get an underpowered melee guardian, I wish I have your skillz and courage.


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Good work, crazy_bear. I guess we know who the target will be in the Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Challenge! :cool:


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Thanks for all the congrats! :smiley:

One thing I see I forgot to mention was mercs: Pastyface had a blessed aim merc, and Trueheart had a might merc.

For all those that commented on Trueheart, it is true that he was more difficult, and not a typical build. However, he wasn't bad and was definitely enjoyable. His damage was a little low, but he was able to choose between the 3 auras (fanat, HFire, HS) to try and maximize damage dealt. He had around a 60% chance of hitting most monsters and the combination of demon machine and Holy Fire was powerful in several circumstances where melee would have been too dangerous. As well, having very high fire and lightning resistance (and good blocking) made him a surprisingly good tank. Finally his gear was quite reasonable, the shield freed up charm space so he could include sharp charms and the lightning damage charms to boost the damage. You can't complain at having 'Smoke' archon plate, and headstriker is a decent weapon (PMH is so helpful!)

@ Skunkbelly, yup, I guess I might receive a couple of bombs, but the beauty of this kind of tourney is that you just might get that bomb back :shocked: