Two Char cookie cutter

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Two Char cookie cutter

I dont like cookie cutters very much. I have three high level not so much cookie cutters spearazon, hydra sorc, and kick asn. They do good and they're fun to play (scary too :azn:)

Me and my brother build dual chars and level them up together all the time. Only problem is, he's always dying on me! He just died on his 70ish windy druid the other day. And I have to start a new char with him again lol.

He is going to build another windy druid.. But I want to build a char that best supports him. (best supports, not a cookie cutter) I love those oddball chars. But I want one that can kill decently fast and keep my bro's windy alive<- Main priority. He's always running off without me lol which is what gets him killed all the time so keep that in mind.

I am in dire need of suggestions please. Thank you for your read and input (if provided :smiley:).


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Re: Two Char cookie cutter

My suggestion: Bone Necro

Not cookie cutter, gives you access to decrep easily, he'll give you a bit of crowd control and you can pour out the damage.

Your damage synergies help your bone armor, I'd toss a point in skel/mast/mage and revive when you get to those lvls (its easy enough to pick up like +8 necro skills which makes them viable meatshields)

Probably like this:

20 Spear
20 Spirit
1 CE
20 Teeth
20 Bone Wall
20 Bone Prison
1 Bone Armor
1 Skel
1 Mast
1 Mages
1 Revive
1 Amp
1 Weaken
1 Terror
1 Decrep

110 Points, done at 99, nice and easy :) Maxing Prison last is probably your best bet, though the summon splash isn't necessary. Another option is to go the Iron Golem route, takes one extra point (viable to get summon resist with this) which will allow you to have an insight Iron Golem if you want. Though I can't think of any particular merc weap you'd want for a boner besides Insight (maybe Lawbringer?) it's something to consider.



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Re: Two Char cookie cutter

Zerker....or any Barb really if you like them

BO + Oak big life, less death

You wont out kill him and in Hell he wont out kill you to much,

Hammerdin......two twirling rings of death but the Hammerdin is pretty powerful alone

Bone Necro can be good, you could focus on things lie Dim/Attract/Confuse/Decrep, the recastable Golem and Revives much like Tai mentioned.

Could do a Poison Necro with the same play style in mind.

Frankly you can do anything really, but if you wna tto up his chance at living the Barb is indeed my top choice. Doesnt matter what kind really....Thing is, if wondering off is what kills him the BO is probably the only thing you can bring along that still helps him when he runs off!


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Re: Two Char cookie cutter

hehe, tai done by lvl 99, I dont intend to make 99 I do want to build a bone necro. Maybeeee

hammerdin, ty but its way to powerful in my eyes.

Hmm a barb I might just do this. I've made a nice frenzy barb before. I think I might just build one. I was thinking about a werebear, but the barb sounds nice too.

Ohh and he actually mostly dies from FE lol.
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