Two bugs, one odd occurrence; confirm or disprove


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Two bugs, one odd occurrence; confirm or disprove

Hopefully, these are other than the obvious and well-known that have been mentioned repeatedly (i.e. gloam lightning damage, Shenk's multi-shot bug, etc.). Perhaps they in fact have been mentioned in the past, but I haven't seen any related threads lately. Here it goes...

1. Fallen: Desynch issue

Yes, I'm sure we who play online all had our own encounters with monster desynchonization issues, but bear with me. I've noticed this occurs after one of them runs away briefly after encountering a corpse of their own kind. Them running away in this fashion is obviously normal, but if one or more do it enough times, they begin to "treadmill" in place for a second or two as if a lag spike was in progress. When you attack one or a pack of them (melee) after they run off, you will more than likely hit nothing but air. At other times, everything seems to be normal and you do make a kill or two, but they drop something at a different location. It's as if their sprite images do not keep up with their actual position when they run (kind of similar to fanatic champions before 1.10). This may be just typical desynchronization, but I haven't noticed this occurring with other monsters as frequently as it does with this particular monster class.

2. Tainted: Lightning orb attack frames

This one can be quite annoying when using a melee character. Fortunately, this bug doesn't need much of a lengthy explanation as the fallen one above. Players simply cannot click on these monsters when they are preparing to use their lightning orb attack.

There's the bug part. Now comes the odd occurrence which happened yesterday. I was playing alone in a private game taking out Shenk's minions (the enslaved pack) with a zeal paladin in hell difficulty. When a slinger boss pack appeared from slightly above, I repositioned to take them out. Shortly after engaging the slinger pack, the game began to lag for about one second and returned to normal. About two seconds later, every monster within the screen length died at once except Shenk. I looked on a little confused for a moment but continued on. I've seen my share of strange things happening in the game in the past five or so years off and on, but I've never seen something like that happen before unless it was in relation to the infamous 20-second lag spike. What's up?


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Nothing you've described is out of the ordinary or unusual. Sounds like typical realm play.


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issue #1 occurs more often with fallen and fetish because they tend to run away after attacking

issue #2 just use shift+click to stand still and attack whatever is near

your merc could have been busy finishing them off during the lag spike, mercs, npcs are server controlled iirc