Twin mats!


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Twin mats!

I've just matted my re-starting characters - two hybrid girls, a zon and a sorc :jig:.
Their objective was to become mfers, and in their own fashion they did it.

Elaine the sorc:
A Blizzard/Nova sorceress, wearing Tal's set (all but the armor), Vipermagi, Spirit Shield (and without a wink of +str equip too! But it looks so juicy for a nova caster), magefists, mf rings and rare mf boots. Helm and armor carry a PTopaz.
Skills (at level 79):
Blizzard: 20 (26)
Ice Blast: 20 (26)
Ice Bolt: 4 (10)
Cold Mastery: 9 (17)
Nova: 20 (26)
L.Mastery: 14 (22)
static, teleport, warmth, tk, f.nova, g.spike: 1 point

This set-up gives her 2k blizzard, 1k nova and the 105 fcr break.
But it's not enough to do her job.

I picked Nova instead of Fireball to kill better under 2 circumstances (that I kind of loathed last time I took d2 up): to run the countess and to easily dispatch baal's second wave.
In that, it worked. They fall like cutted grass under my lightning schyte.
It's oblivion knights and cold-immune witches in the wsk and chaos sanctuary that don't.
That means that she's a good countess/andy/meph runner, and I think that when I get a decent stick on her merc she may run baal (not the whole wsk for she wouldn't last a second). Or maybe not. But Meph is getting repetitive anyway :tongue:

Her biggest finds? Amulets. She's found an highlords and her Tasha's amulet!
and most of my other stuff too... :prop:

Talia the fishy-zon:
LF/FA zon, wearing a ravenfrost, razortail belt (thank you skal!), peace curiass armor, lore circlet, aldur's boots and magnus skin, with a titan's and eld-socketed withan's guard on the java switch. For the bow side there's a wizendraw!
Her stats are standard - 129 str with titan's, dex for max block, vita the rest, and for skills it's 5 points in pierce (enough for 100% with the bow switch), 1 in decoy, max cs, lf, frost arrow and frozen arrow at 20 with +skills (work in progress)

There's been a moment when she was trying to take up a spirit shield, just like the sorc... but while that one had an hundred or so unspent points, she didn't.
It was for the better - she tried, around act 1 hell, to skip points in dex, losing her max block but gaining the spirit.
It was suicidal, so I eld-ed the shield and never looked back... at those tasty 2 skills... and resistances...

Now she's running the places Elaine can't - the sanctuary, the wsk and the cow level.
She's good at those (and great with cows)... but her mf isn't up to the job.
In fact her best drop has been an ethereal ettin axe in the cow level, that's making me think of starting hf rushing.

That will be my next objective: to find an effective way of twink/rush or whatever my way to the hellforge.
The first step? Building an enchantress!


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Re: Twin mats!

IMHO Hybrid and MFing doesn't rhyme together well, but it's definitly an option.
I don't understand though how can you run WSK with your zon, how much resistances do you have? What about black souls?


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Re: Twin mats!

Tough ladies you got there :) At least the second :p

FA > gloams ;) It's not the fastest, but my hybrid zon does ok and is rarely taken aback or down. P3 is about max, and needs good gear. Got about 150 mf if I recall accurately. It's a change from sorcs really.

Impressed with the nova on the sorc, I always thought nova was badly nerfed, looks like I may try it once.


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Re: Twin mats!

The resistances are all at around 0, give or take 6 points, with poison at -60.
Yucky, I know. I should give her a treachery armor asap, resolving the resist troubles, and giving her some much-needed IAS. I'll lose the ctc "fade away" valk, that's really nice for herding in the cow level and little more, but if I start hf rushing, or as soon as I find a lem otherwise, I will.

She goes *slow*, but between decoy, sometimes a valky from peace, and fa gloams are doable (as opposed to the sorc, who gets nuked out of the water way too fast and teleports away)
But nepeta is right - never on more than P3.

I would have gladly gone with a super-specialist build to MF... but which one? you can't run cs and wsk with one skill tree alone - all right, not without an infinity and/or a godly merc. I have neither, but this way I can hit most non-act-4-and-5 targets.
I should try her on the act 5 superuniques... but I expect little in the way of results :laugh:

Nepeta, the skill calculator tells me I was a fool for doing it - it's half the damage of a fireball with the same skill points investiment.
It's just situationally good on achmel's wave and on the countess... where it can hit, and hits all targets, unlike a fb.
That, and I wanted to keep away from fireballs for a little while at least :wink3:


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Re: Twin mats!

I don't mean to offend, but running WSK with -60%PR doesn't sound too sane :crazyeyes: (I've got to try the new smilies). Having 0% on both LR and FR will result in a 1-hit KO (with toasted by Souls comment) once your luck wears off. With all the respect to FA, there are crossroads and such..

'Peace' seems attractive for this build with +2ama, but unfortunatelly excludes with getting decent resistances (you can't rely on a shield with a hybrid). Treachery is an excellent WSK armor, but once again, you have to attain at least decent LR without it. Bathing in lightnings doing over 1k damage per hit waiting for the Fade to trigger is a bit suicidal.

Still, a nice fishyzon out there :wine:

A pure lightning javazon can run both WSK and CS without much trouble, but I prefer a "quick" WSK2 map (up to three LIs species can spawn there). I take 150-350 MF for the first depending on the mood.

Congrats on an unusual sorc build :thumbup:

The trouble with OKs is their 60% resistance to both fire and lightning combined with pretty high life. And their tendency to eliminate your merc in an instand, and their immunity to almost all effects, and.. you get the point
Just tele in, Static *3, Nova *5? :dontknow: Lower Resistance curse works wonders on larger packs, but I don't bother to switch against single targets.


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Re: Twin mats!

Deaths abound with both chars (and the sorc is even worse - I think it's the decoy that changes it all), but that's what makes it exciting, right?
For the poison, there's always antidotes. I hope they don't react with the mana potions she chugs...
OK are 60% resistant to everything? That explains a lot! Mostly I have to teleport/spam static/spam nova, hoping the merc gets decrep and not IM... maybe the sorceress isn't the best character for those places.
That's sad - I love teleport! (and that's why she has a so high mortality :crazyeyes:)


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Re: Twin mats!

Congrats Wollo, Getting thorugh the WSK with your resistances with your FishyZon must have been exciting.