Tweeked out necros


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Tweeked out necros

I've been encountering some strange stuff with necros I have been rushing.

I'm taking them to act 3 hell in classic and converting them. Strange thing I've noticed is that they all have a point in terror, but I didn't spend any skill points and they aren't a high enough level to get the spell. I pressed it once and I got c/i.

With my latest bunch of rushing I've run into some more strange stuff with one account filled with 5 necros. Right now I'm rushing them past act 3 in LoD, but four of them have already accomplished the act 3 quests and are in act 4. I only had to do it once for one of the necros.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the converting process or my rushing process, but it is sort of strange. All non necros that I rush seem to be fine.