TV repairing help - RCA Cables issue (TV side)


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TV repairing help - RCA Cables issue (TV side)

We'll be watching movies at my work during lunch time, and because of the TV RCA "receivers".... where the white/red/yellow rca cables go.... the TV is all gimped.

What happens: every 5-20 minutes, the TV loses it's video or sound, than we must go to the back of the TV to full around with the RCA cables, by pushing them in more, pulling them out, twisting them, pushing down/up on them, and it's a real bugger. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds to fix, sometimes 90 seconds.

Current Analysis: London Drugs tells me I gotta open the back of the TV, and SAULDER (sodder?) these pieces together because they are not right against each other.

My Question: I have absolutely no idea on how to do this, so I need help, or a guide, or video of how to do this.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and help me out.
Solder, you need to solder the pins back to the bored. Look it up on Google and after you get your soldering gun and some soldering wire(preferably one with no lead) practice a little bit. It isn't really hard, but starting out in such cramped quarters isn't a good idea. Just work on soldering bits of wire together with the least amount possible.

I would also invest in some better cabling. Sometimes it is just the cables that wear out. If you can look for the ones that have a gap in the middle of the plug, it acts like a spring and makes sure you have a good solid connection to the TV.


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leaded solder is easier to work with, melts and flows smoother, blends to solid with less cracking, but it can cause medical problems ie. lead poisoning ect..

lead free solder is a little tougher to work with but is better for you and the environment

but first before dismanteling your tv try replacing the rca cables then check if its still under warranty