Turned 34 today


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Yes, happy birthday, and thank you for posting your age so that everybody knows you are older than me (I'm 32.)

EDIT: You have also inspired me to update my 'tar.


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NOw was your bday today? Or is this an old post that got rolled back to the top if that makes sence....anyways happy bday!!! :D

~Kazama Fury~

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I cant believe I missed this thread.

Happy Birthday.
Definitely a nice way to celebrate someone's bday with their newly born daughter. :clap:


Thank you everyone and to clear things up my Birthday was the 19th, and really my wishing myself a happy bday was jsut a good excuse to change my avatar.

agian thanks all.


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Happy belated b'day to you... wait until you turn 35 next year. I just hit that age. It keeps getting more and more surreal (and I'm not even "old" yet!)