Turkey Testicle Festival Can Keep Name

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Turkey Testicle Festival Can Keep Name

Turkey Testicle Festival Can Keep Name

Oct 17, 11:46 PM (ET)

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Organizers of fourth annual Turkey Testicle Festival can keep their name, despite concerns about the propriety of the word and the island's virtue.

The Fort Myers Beach Council voted 4-1 Monday to allow the Surf Club bar to use the Turkey Testicle Festival name after a laugh-out-loud discussion, according to the News-Press.

Councilman Charles Meador said this year's festival will the fourth annual, and went on to list more than 12 other cities that host annual events with the name "testicle."

"Who cares what the name is," Mayor Dennis Boback said. "Money is going for a worthy cause."

The festival has raised about $3,000 for the Harry Chapin Food Bank in each of its past three years. A change in policy that requires the town council to approve special events brought the issue of the name to the table two weeks ago.

Councilmen Bill Shenko and Garr Reynolds had said the name is inappropriate for a family island. They asked that the word testicle be removed from the name and all advertising.

Shenko reversed his position Monday and supported the name. Reynolds continued his opposition.

"We do have youngsters here," Reynolds said. "We're trying to uplift their thinking."