Turka is going to learn to play Golf

tmd turka

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Turka is going to learn to play Golf

Something I always wanted to do.

Golf course and drving range is about 10 minutes from my house. Probably get a few lessons to learn basics then practice practice practice.
I greatly improved my drive by practicing with the whiffle golf balls. It's impossible to drive them more than 60 feet, they don't cost very much and you can swat them about 150 times before the finally are destroyed.

If you play like I do, it's called flog. I usually break 100 around the 12th hole. A typical game takes 10+ balls. And most importantly, remember that it's an absurd game. Rather violent too. You're taking an innocent little white ball with cute dimples and placing it on a wooden spike that you stabbed mother earth with. Then you take a bent piece of metal and you smash the snot out of the ball repeatedly until you drop it into a claustrophobic little dark hole. Then you do that 17 more times. Along the way you dunk the balls in soapy water and smash it up and down trying to drown it. And when you're all done, you put those sad little balls that you didn't drown in lakes, ponds, rivers, lose in woods or deep grass, etc. into some forgotten corner of your closet or garage and leave them there until you beat the hell out of them again.

tmd turka

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Nice advice. To be fair I had some of the basics down but they need improvement. Last summer I found my swing by using wiffle balls and a net. We have thick woods near the house so hitting them into that is not too bright. Short game needs to improve alot. Practice at home using a cup and 2 drivers lieing parrelel to the sides of the cup to work as a rail. Every 3 sucessful shots I move the 2 drivers closer together, if it hits the drivers at all the shot doesnt count, and the goal is to put them as close together as possible in order to learn to shoot strait. Short game is bad for me simply beacues I cant seem to judge distance, downhill, and power real well. At best im only hitting around 100 yards or so strait. If I try to power it more they normally turn out badly.

Thanks again for the advice

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Take a few lessons from a local pro. They are used to teaching people ranging from the totally inept to the semi-professionals.
He'd work with your stance and grip (the two most ignored aspects of a golf swing) and go from there.
Also, work on trouble play when you're at the range. Most have a sand trap and an area that simulates deep rough. If you're new to the game, you'll likely be playing out of those areas far more than from the fairways... at least until you get better.
Another suggestion... instead of just going to the range, alternate going to a practice green and a driving range. Putting well is the best way to cut strokes off your score.
When you finally get onto the course, just remember that you aren't going to hit the perfect shot. Manage the way you play, and you'll eliminate some of the bone-headed shots (but not all :laugh: ). Sometimes hitting a 40 yard pitch out of trouble instead of attempting to get to the green from 180 yards by aiming between those two trees will save you a bunch of strokes.


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Keep your head down, left arm straight, and swing through the ball.

And prepare for a lot of frustration...:cool:


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Been golfing for 28 years and can safely say a few things:

Get some private lessons (intensive is better once you've played a bit) as it makes all the difference in the world.

Once you get fairly good (shoot in the 90's all the time) get some good clubs for the rest of your life. Spend $1000-2000 on them. They make a big difference.

Tryout lots of clubs at proshops to find which ones fit you best.

Have fun and try not to get frustrated.

Make sure you have enough money to play. It is an expensive hobby.


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Who's Turka?

I once saw a guy on TV take a shot, hit the water, bounce off and land right next to the hole.