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Since it's technically tuesday here, I'll start the daily thread, in spite of most of my exploits were still on monday.

I did a couple of runs with Meteorb, I hadn't played here in a long time, and in spite of Meph runs being without trouble, I died when killing Pindleskin (I forgot about his fire enchantment), after that, I took her to see Eldritch and Shenk (the former of whom dropped a unique, I don't remember which one), then she was onto Baal, after teleporting through WSK 2 and 3, it seemed dangerous enough at first, frenzytaurs from one side and gloams on the other at the entrance, but they went down quickly. Then for a change I decided not to clear the whole level, only that part needed to get to Baal, some invaders were accompanying the Frenzytaurs and Gloams, and frozen orb was nice to them (a quick death). The packs went down quickly, only the mummy pack was annoying due to resurrected gloams. After that, Baal somehow managed to kill the merc, so I went back to town to resurrect him (his decrepify was quite useful). Baal dropped the Hand Of Broc, which I thought very suitable, a tc3 item off the monster with the highest monster level in the game, but it was not a new addition to my collection.

Next I took Boner, my venom/jailkeeper to clear the Den of Evil, and he remained unscatched.

Next up was FishyII whom I first took to barbeque since he admitted he was hungry, there was lots of food at the Moo Moo Farm, but not to many interesting items, although the Cow King did drop a few set items, unfortunately not his own, but Arcanna's helm and Cleglaw's shield, another find here was Skull Splitter. After that he went on to imitate Boner by clearing the Den, and survived as well.
wow dude its 5:00 PM where i am right now tuesday... 7 hrs away al of it (mostly) to be spent on my Bio final Girr same idea as last one make the test due on wed havent started no D2 for me tonight :(

why do some people write [email protected]@Y ????? just wonderin


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Tuesday sees me at work again, and I'll leave for another two days business trip in the afternoon. That means no D2 today and tomorrow.

I'm still trying to get a fast Pit runner, it all depends on tactics I guess. I'm down to about 9 minutes, but for MFO or grail purposes the speed has to go down to 5 minutes or less. We'll see. Perhaps I should create chars of all the famous MF runner builds, I need a blizz sorc and a LF zon, I have a fishy and a hammerdin.

I still have my SC bonehew druid waiting in A1 hell, and my MET necro (played that a bit too much, need a break). And a few HC chars in A1/A2 NM. I'd like to start a barb, but haven't decided on the build yet. IK is out, I don't have any complete set yet. He should be reasonable fast, I have enough difficult builds going right now, that's the only thing I know about him yet.


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I actually played a bit today. Had a run of skillers the other day in just an hour, so I was hopeful for something to drop.

:lol: :lol:

The most important thing I had to do was try and replace the map I lost when I went and MP'd with Mil. No map even comes close, sadly. It had the Pit right by the Gate, the Tunnels right by the Lost City WP, the Sewers lvl 2 was right around the corner from the entrance by the WP, the ROF was a nice, fairly linear jaunt...

A drink to maps lost, and how great they were! :drink:


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Hello Tuesday, good day SPFers,

I'm at work today too, I'll work from 8 am to 18:30pm, taking a break to eat something. Long day for me ugh.

Yesterday I took my fishy to act5 norm. Was pretty easy, slow but easy. Big D was the most difficult part, killed my skels 3-4 times before I managed to kill him on p8.

I found nice items just playing, darkglow, a naguel (24), and other low level sets. I made act5 first quest for an Ancients Pledge, Anya and I'm running around with 80 res all, untwinked!.

Soon I will be on NM doing Countess runs and Andy runs, aiming for +3-4 skills itamZ.

Oh I forgot to mention I bought tele staff on act3 norm! 33 charges of lvl1 tele is so sweeeettt...



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I'm at work and still have a few hours to go before I get off. I'm hoping to get a few hours of play time tonight since I've got the house to myself today once I get the kid to bed (let's just hope she'll really go to bed and not keep me busy all evening :rolleyes: ).

I did get my MET character through act III last night. He's a concentration barb, currently on level 32, and there's not much in act III that comes close to making a dent in his health bar (the mana bar is another matter, I really need to find him some mana leech :cool: ).

I also got to play my fishy for a few minutes before work this morning, reaching level 50 just inside the nm barracks. He's the perfect character to play when I don't have the time or concentration for anybody else, he just walks around and watches his zoo spread out in all directions. I just hope I won't be too careless with him, I managed to get my previous fishy killed as early as act II normal because I only watched the skellies and didn't check for monsters sneaking up from behind :eek: .


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Goodmorning all.

Took my sorc Ana to lvl 47 last night and in to NM. Wow, very impressed by her power. I always played barb but I'm totally converted.

Even found some nice uniques and set items for my grail.

I wish you all a very nice day (I know mine will be :lol: ).


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Good day all!

Made this little honor sword yesterday:

Superior Colossus Blade
One-Hand Damage: 108 to 319
Two-Hand Damage: 243 to 559
Durability: 26 of 30
Required Dexterity: 100
Required Strength: 179
Required Level: 63
Sword Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x7f66ee11
+10 to Strength
+160% Enhanced Damage
+250 to Attack Rating
+9 to Minimum Damage
+9 to Maximum Damage
7% Life stolen per hit
Replenish Life +10
Increase Maximum Durability 14%
+1 to Light Radius
+1 to All Skill Levels
+2 to Mana After Each Kill
25% Deadly Strike
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (5: 5 used)

Pretty nice damage :). Guess I have to try out one of the Barb Merc's one time. I am sure one of them will love this sword.

Going to play Act2 NM with my Frenzy Barb today. It's alot of fun playing him. Insane speed :eek:


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Despite he fact that this thread was started yesterday, I'm going to keep to wish Analist a happy b-day today!!!!!!!!


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Hello all.

Last night i was going to get my telsadin to act 4(norm), but instead i join and MP game and got my fishy to act 3 hell, it was fun. So this morning i got my telsadin to act 4, i may not get any more d2 in for a while(today that is) cause i gotta go get a shower and lay some laminate(spelling?) floor upstairs.

Have a fun tuesday all.