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I didn't post much lately, because I've been busy with preparations for my holidays and we had guests last weekend. Anyways, I made some progress with my grail during the MFL. This week though it looks rather bad. One char is done, without any high TC items. The other has one hour left, best so far is Aldur's Advance, not really a winner. Now, since I'll be away from D2 from next saturday for two weeks, I can't compete in the MFL anyways, so dropping out now does no harm.
My melee golem necro in the MET finished A1 NM, and I hope I can get him a little bit further before I enter the plane next saturday ;)
Then there is my bonehew druid ... that one is on hold unfortunately. He'll be l76 soon and then able to equip Dracul's, I'm really looking forward to that (and I'm curious how much the amp dam from a WWS worn my the merc and the life tap from the gloves will interfere).


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where are you going on holidays?
played some d2 today. my PvP char. got to lvl 12 or so then got sick of it. wont be able to play probably until tomorow afternoon. so i need to get cracking on my PvP char and my zod sin


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Well today I'm at work, but tomorrow I'll be able to play ALL DAY!! (don't think I'm gonna tho, but some D2 will be played anyhoo).
My naked necro is in act 2 NM going strong. I'm about to enter the palace and keel off the summoner.

Have a nice day all! :clap:


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I didn't get to play y'day as I had a client dinner. I had another one tonight, but that was cancelled so maybe I'll get some time in. Tomorrow is another client event, so no D2, but lots o' booze.


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Played today for an hour, advanced my hc cons barb from 68 to 70,and found guardian angel with him, not bad day :D
And no d2 this evning for me..
ULEB cup finals my whole country will be waching how our "Lietuvos Rytas" wins this trophy, after that this should be second team wich will be invated to Euroleague.I guess this day gets better and better :D :clap: