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Hi Kids!

I didn’t get much D2 playing time last night, as the family and I all went to my Mom’s for haircuts. Pretty spiffy, eh? :D

I ran Pindle maybe 40 times, without much success. So I was counting down the final five runs of the night, and he spit out a Credenum on the second-to-last run. I was hoping for a Telling of Beads on the last run, but no luck.

Perhaps tonight! Happy Hunting-



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Very little D2 for me last night since I had time for only one Pit run :(
On the other hand, my GF is having a "girls-only diner" tonight. I'll be all alone, at home, with the entire evening for some serious catching up! :D


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Well, I was lucky to get off today, am still on call though. Spent last night 12pm-12am in an ambulance working. Was not a very good night, but the day is starting out okay, I leveled my sorceress to lvl 45, hit 33 with my Paladin and hit 8 with my HC Pure Fishymancer. =D Am very happy with the way this is all turning out. On a side note, my paladin found an eye of elrich which I gave to a person in a game, was fun to find something that i didn't need and give it to someone who did.

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Heh, well I skipped fencing last night to get a little R&R, which of course included playing D2. Got my shockadin from NM Act I to Act III. Duriel was a piece of cake, but the mummies were very annoying with their stupid dark star thingies that they shoot. Several NDE's, but alas, I'm still here. Even my merc is doing rather well (holy freeze), although Duriel pummeled him.

I realized that the reason I'm having so many nearly-fatal episodes is that I haven't pumped vitality. It's still sitting around 70 or so, while strength and dex are pumped. Big stupid mistake. So now I'm using every skill point for life. I think my current life is about 400, which isn't nearly enough.

Should be able to play more tonight. We'll see.



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Not much Diablo today, though looking thru a few mpq files I realised that 1.07 Highlords ammy could just be the ultimate melee ammy - if I read right, it has 1% deadly strike per level! If only I could find one...

Anyway, the jobsearch continues, I'm gonna try to get into a game development internship, though I don't like my chances. Also might get a business card done, try to look a bit more professional.

Currently trying to figure out just how to use OpenGL properly. Bah, it's 2am now, and I don't really care at the moment. Does anyone know of a really good OpenGL tutorial? (don't really know much about 3d programming right now)


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Got about 2 hours of playing time on D2 last night, before my GF made me stop playing so I could play Baldur's Gate 2: Dark Alliance with her on the PS2. :xsmile: What a hard gaming life I have. Anyways, in that time I was able to get my second Pat/Mat which I will make a separate post for in a few. But I present to you all Patriarch Ujio - The Zealot. He was definitely a lot of fun to play. But that's all for now...


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After a disappointing couple of days running Hell Mephisto, I finally had a break. Know what made the difference? I stopped resurrecting my merc.

Yep, don't know what weird mathematical magic goes on in the game, but when I took on Meph all by my lonesome I was rewarded with:

Blade of Ali Baba Tulwar
Nagel Ring 28%
Gimmershred Flying Axe

as well as

Natalya's Mesh Boots
Trang Oul's Wing Cantor Trophy


I dropped my Nord's Tenderizer and started to use the Gimmershred immediately. What a beauty that is. No Avenger should be without one....


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Took my frostmaiden through end of act 1 and to lost city in act 2. Also did some meph runs. Some pretty good drops 2*Windhammer, Souldrainer but sadly it's eth :xx: , another dracul's grasp and an almost perf skin of the vipermagi (34% res all). Now off to school :xrollseye

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I'm back to the SPF and D2 after an extended weekend without either. It was wonderful, but I'm looking forward to getting backinto the swing of things.

Have a great day everyone!


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Wow that was fun!7 other players and I met up in a game, all level 1, and leveled from 1-14ish, with my fishymancer, the party was awesome. We tore threw act 1 like no other, and got to coister before i had to go. Was alot of fun, wish more people would participate in 8player games in MP. Everyone was nice, gave each other items needed by otehrs, helped with money, ect. Hope i can get another game going like that tomorrow after my contest.

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Ryondaahl said:
I spent most of last night glueing and painting my Warhammer Dark Elf army. Back home I ran Pindle with my Bowazon, no fancy drops but a solid 1,5 levels gained all the same.


Cool! This means I'm not the only Dark Elf player in the Warhammer world. :D They look like a much better army now that the new annual is out and fixed a lot of the junk units. I just blew the dust off of mine and am planning to get some painting of my own done shortly.
/off topic.

Fish has done what I never thought he would do. He made Conquerer. I feel so pround. :sniffle: My first conquerer. Kids grow up so fast too! :sniffle:
Right. Enough of that sillyness. Unfortunately, he hasn't found squat for set/unique items since I stripped most of his MF gear for +resist and +skill items. Went from ~200% MF to ~40% MF between A4 NM and A1 Hell. I did manage to find my 4th Isenhart's Case though. :rolleyes: woo...

It's off to work for me. At least it's my Friday, so I've got the next two days off to see if I can get Fish to the all-mighty Guardian. That would be quite silly if it were to happen, as that means I would've gotten a guardian BEFORE I got a character to matriarch/patriarch status. :D


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I wish I had noticed this earlier. Oh, well...a reprint of what's in Durf's thread (and, yes, I blame you, Durf!)

It's early morning. I just made my first Destroyer (insert cheezy canned applause here) and Baal saw fit to drop this little toy:

Pain Song
Scissors Katar

One-Hand Damage: 26 to 52
Durability: 48 of 68
(Assassin Only)
Required Dexterity: 55
Required Strength: 55
Required Level: 33
Claw Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0xae57aaac
+197% Enhanced Damage
+2 to Maximum Damage
Adds 15-41 cold damage over 2 seconds
Prevent Monster Heal
10% Chance to cast Level 8 Fire Bolt on striking

It looks like a good subject to an upgrade or two. The lack of skills on it makes it seem less desirable, but it is rare (for me, at least) to find PMH built into a claw.


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Home with the flu today, so I got a chance to play a lot in between the sneezing and coughing.

Took my HC Fishymancer through normal and up to the Canyon of the Magi in NM. At lvl 56, and I had a hell of a time getting through the Arcane Sanctuary; not looking forward to that area in hell level. That said, the rest of NM should be fairly easy; lots of open areas to play around in, and CE takes care of any overlarge crowds. Found a Fleshrender, which makes starting a WW druid a bit more tempting.