Tuesday, the day after Monday


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Tuesday, the day after Monday

Just thought I would point that out just in case anyone forgot, as there was no daily yesterday.

I had some interesting gaming yesterday, not new thread worthy but just right for the daily, so here we are.

I created a blizz sorc a while ago and decided to make her a pure blizz sorc (I like pure build, greater weaknesses but also greater power). Anyways, it had been slow going, I'm always slow in normal, but she was unusually slow.

I finally reached lvl 24 and got blizz, it helped a little but not much. Last night I went back and leveled my merc a bit more and got another level and it started to click. My merc began to be able to tank a bit and a couple points in blizz started raining down ice on those attacking my merc and killing quickly.

Anyways, I'm excited about this finally, can't wait to put some decent gear on her.

(39 hours)


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Blizzsorcs rock for mf! Well I stayed home from work today, needed a break. Going to spend some time with my family and maybe get some game in hopefully. I have a slew of chars on the go or i can get in some mf. Have a great day everyone. And if I should get ambitious I will service our generator.(we use solar power; ie. no hydro) We haven't had much sun lately.

Cheers K


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Played a little more on my Venomancer today and last night, got him from 27 at the RoF to 40 at the WSK. Once I got a level 3 or 4 Nova going, and Lower Resist, everything started to fall into place. Put a White wand on him, as well as some normal caster stuff, and now he's ripping through almost everything on P8. Hopefully, Baal will fall later, and I can put some of my Trang's stuff on for more poison damage.
Just got home from college, have loads of ICT coursework to finish. But more importantly, i have a (HC) ES sorc with FO and CL, she rocks in act 5 nm right now, hope to get conq #3 today. So far, apart from mana burns and posion, only 2 bosses have seriosuly threatened me, 1 was extra strong with a might enchant boss standing half a screen away, and the other was a archer who was mana burn and spectral hit, so he hit me for poison then i had to flee for my life before he mana burned me a couple of time.


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I'm back - for now.

Glad to see a Daily going. Last week I was in London for a few days and played golf in Portugal for a few days. Lucy Seven - you have a beautiful country!

My golf was ok (hey, I'm a hack) but I had a fabulous time. Yesterday I few to Washington DC for a client visit. Yesterday as well, my grandmother died. It was expected as she's been sick for a while, but she was my last grandparent and probably my fav. Tomorrow night I fly to Savannah for the funeral and fly back on Friday morning. I feel like life is a whirlwind.

Needless to say, I haven't played since I haven't been home. I probably won't post much over the next couple of days as I'm swamped at work 'catching up'.



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I decided to pull my Meteorb off MFing and run up to Hell pindle. I almost forgot the resist bonus for the Anya quest, so I was pretty happy about that. So she's been running Pindle now, but he's still been pretty stingy.

Hell Meph was feeling much more generous and dropped her a HoZ, so my Frost Zealot is now cruising his way through Hell, and just beat Andy last night. What a difference one really good item makes. I can't imagine playing untwinked...I'm just not that good. :)


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Shouldn't this have been "Friday minus 3 days"?

No D2 for me today, but i did get my Blizzardess to lvl 25 yesterday and she's running around in Act 3 now. Or, not now, now she's resting in Kurast, smacking bugs, trying not to smell the stench, etc, etc, ya'll know the drill... ;)


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I get to paly tomorrow, I've been cleaning up the last few days and tonight we have to test our new couch by watching as much of the LOTR tril. as we can stand.


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Not alot happened last night.

Best thing was getting the team together for my HC tourney (Slothman and corax) and getting them to connect. Nice solid pings of 200 mean for some safe HC play.

We had a test run, got some chatting and planning done and are planning to finish Normal this weekend. We will of course disclose our build information and names in the official thread.


slappy sam

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Gonna work on my trapper and work on getting u2 tickets to a 5/28 show...
Sorry to hear about the grandmother TenYears. :(