Tuesday (a wee bit early)


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Tuesday (a wee bit early)

OK, so technically, it is still Monday here in Sin City, but for most of our forumites it is already Tuesday, so...

Got my HC Fishymancer up to Lvl 77 today, stopping at the Outer Cloister WP. My first Pit run yielded an Eth Undead Crown, which would've been great for the build, except I am wearing the Peasant Crown already.

But, while I was clearing out the cave, a random monster in lvl 2 dropped me an Ogre Maul. While the Windhammer is very cool, this was one time I would've gladly settled for the set version.:D

I had a wild ride in the Pit, lvl 2. An archer pack spawned with Fanaticism, and they rushed to block the entrance to lvl 1. I had debated just leaving them there, but I felt honor-bound to try to get through it. I snuck in, teleported around and got clear enough to TP and reassemble my forces. It was a piece of cake after that, but man, it gets the heart pounding!

Hope everyone has a great day, and thanks for reading!



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It is indeed early *looks at clock* far.. far.. far too early... what am I doin awake at this ungodly hour...

... oh yes, leveling my SC Fishymancer before heading into Nightmare, want to get him to level 55 so am running Council, Meph and Baal in order to get some nice low level Set and Uniques. So far tonight its gone pretty well. Highlights have to be my Sol rune (dont laugh, highest I've seen yet) which I intend to use for a Lore helm sometime, and a rare wand from Baal... I was really irritated, Baal droped a pile of gold, a Oil poition, a greater healing potion and two rares, chainmail and Burnt Wand, that run... I figured "eh, I'll ID and sell them, might get something..."

Burnt Wand turned out to be the best Wand I seen thus far

Bitter Star
Burnt Wand

One-Hand Damage: 8 to 18
Durability: 15 of 15
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 42
Staff Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0x8cfe9d36
+16 to Energy
Lightning Resist +33%
7% Life stolen per hit
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+3 to Life Tap (Necromancer Only)
+1 to Blood Golem (Necromancer Only)
+1 to Bone Spirit (Necromancer Only)
Hit Causes Monster to Flee 128%
150% Damage to Undead

Very nice, I can see me keeping this for sometime

Hope everyone has a good day :)


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XaviarGangrel said:
Bitter Star
Burnt Wand

One-Hand Damage: 8 to 18
7% Life stolen per hit
Hit Causes Monster to Flee 128%
150% Damage to Undead
Wow! Melee time! (Nice 128% figure; I wonder what mods came together to make that?) Seriously though, that is a pretty cool find.

I got called away to a meeting during lunch so I didn't have time for my daily session of gaming. Maybe tonight after I finish work, teach a class, and correct some papers and tests . . . argh. I need a beer.


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Strangely it reads as "Hit Causes Monster to Flee 100%" in game, I wonder why ATMA says its 128 *ponders*

But yeah, I was kinda suprised at the high number there, but its nice and useful when I get snuck up on while my army is off beating stuff up


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well stuck @ work, spoken to my father yesterday, who i hadnt spoken to in 4 years... My girl just dumped me for some other older guy, complete with the nice sportscar so yeah... tuesday starts good, really good..


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Sorry to hear that Strijdje. That sucks . . .

I finally got my computer back yesterday, so i played D2 maybe 5 or 6 hours yesterday. MF Andy NM looking for a SOJ or two, didnt find any. Pit runs didnt grant me anything good either . . .

So i started another Skellimancer for the Hellforge quest in Hell. I only need 16 Guls to complete my Enigma, so woopee! :teeth:


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Well, today im going to get my hammerdin to lvl 93 by doing Pit runs. I hope something good drops today too! If he levels up, I will start leveling my bowazon. Im quite surprised how fast she can clear Pit on p8. The average time is 7-8 mins :) Of course she doesn't have any MF, but it still is very possible that something nice will drop (yesterday I got Mal)

Kung Poo

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*puts his shovel away*

Whew, this thread was buried, especially for a daily thread.

Did oodles of D2 this weekend, in between doing pages for my comic. Time's quickly slipping away for me to meet the deadline, and before it's over I think I'll have a psychotic episode. Good times.

Oh yes... as I was saying... started a Vega sorcy named Nadia, and she's currently sitting pretty on clvl 30. For the longest time, I'd use fireballs and guzzle blue potions... took forever to kill stuff. Then in Act IV, I discovered the wonder of blizzard, and I used that to slay everything until I got FO. Right now, the damage for FO sucks big time, but I know that will change soon enough. Tonight I should be able to take out Big D and get into Act V.

Special thanks to lone_wolf and bhaalistik for your excellent trades this weekend.

Have a nice one.



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Still no actual playing of D2 for me. I think I might have quit for good. I've been wasting my time on the games people recommended me last week, instead. After one hell of a battle I finally got Knights of the Old Republic to run. That was *really* difficult and the reason why the game didn't work was horribly stupid. At any rate I've developed some sort of love/hate relationship to the game and I'm slowly warming up towards the new D&D rules. I still think they suck but I'm nearing a point where I can see myself playing games with these rules. Well, that's good since I already have NWN and the expansions waiting for me. :D At any rate, have a good week everyone!


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I was able to do a few nm meph runs last night and the only notable thing that droped for me was this M'avina's Icy Clutch Battle Gauntlets, and this form one of the councile members Graverobber's GC +1 Necromancer Summoning Spells. NNot much else other than a bunch of gold to play with..


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Hey all, got back from Sorsha's yesterday, but with work and needing to sleep and all I haven't had time to play D2 yet...

Come to think of it, what the heck am I doing on the forum? I've gotta go play!

*runs off to kill pixels*



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* Looks around....

Sheesh, what if someone started a daily thread and no one noticed? Where is everybody?

* Reminisces abouts days of 50 post daily threads

Anyway I haven't posted much here recently, so a little recap...

Last night the Optimist MP group battled their way through Duriel's Tomb (twice - don't ask), then explored every nookl and cranny of the Spider Forest looking for Szark and the eye. Never found it (it was one of those nights).

My werebear reached level 76, swapped his Hellslayer for a 1-Shael'ed IK Maul, and celebrated being able to hit monsters faster than continental drift.

Meanwhile my ladder javazon is happily running NM Meph. He hasn't dropped my Titan's yet, but I'm in no hurry.

Back in the forgotten dusty corners of 1.09, I'm continuing my ongoing project to see how many level 99 characters I can collect. The assassin hit 95 over the weekend, and the titan zealot is halfway to 91. My werewolf druid, who gets no love at all, completed the first two acts of Hell. It's going to be a close contest between whether the 1.09 wolf or 1.10 bear makes patriarch first.



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Not much D2 time today (for no reason I can think of... I don't think I've done anything today...) but did manage to get my BFury Assassin up to level 60 and a little further along in the Jungles of Act 3. It's quite amusing to just tag Flayers with Open Wounds (Malice runeword) and watch them fall over dead as they try to run away... mwahahahahaha!

Have a good day, what's left of it at least :)


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Well, I'm sneaking up on diablo for a second kill.(NM) My NF clone is doing great. I even like my merc, who actually is doing well. I just finished the hell forge quest and got a Pul. I don't think that is bad for NM hellforge. Anyone know what the best possible rune drop is in NM? It was my first Pul, I thought is was much higher on the rune list than it is. Oh well.

I did about 10 NM memph runs with my NF clone. Best drop was from a (unknown) :scratch:monster along the way. A razorswitch. Not bad for 10 runs.

I should finish NM tonight. I'll probably do some foothill runs in NM a little longer to gain some xp.

-Cheers :drink:


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Nice hunting all.

I've really annoyed with my spearazon. 300%MF and 10pit runs gave me nothing but a lot of yellows. My skellimancer on the other hand while leveling him up through act once found bartucs, bonesnap, and 4 other uniques!

Project-wise, I worked out a plan for my barb to finally use the Wolfhowl helm. Gonna maxed weapon mastery, BO, shout and +3 to werewolf and feral rage and praying I find the runes for a 'beast' weapon. Talk about a druid wannabe :lol:


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Heh, I am playing with my MF fishymancer. I am not really running anything I am just playing through the game normally with /players 8 on, doing full clears.

..but it can be felt that I wear about 400% Magic Find with an extra 100andsomething on my mercenary.

I am at Duriel now in Nightmare and I have found:

Two Skins of the Vipermagi
Spire of Honor

..and A lot of other goodies I can't quite recall at the moment.

And I am getting truckloads of set items. I think Tancred's Crowbill have picked up a lead over Isenhart's Case.


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Well nothing big. I finished Act 1 Norm today with my lvl 17 summon necro. I blew through Andariel like a hot knife through butter so to say lol. Nothing good however dropped. I got a few rares a ruby and a chipped emerald and chiped topaz and 300 gold or so. The rares consisted of a Fanged Helm, Throwing Knife, and a Targe. Nothing great so I just sold them.


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*crashes trough his monitor*

hey that didnt even hurt :( must be all damn politics

anyway got my 2 eaglehorn today and some other pretty decent stuff.

also got the new zon to level 70 with is nice.

now i just need to find a wf for her to use :rolleyes:

and then figure out how to make ranged pats

Temporary Insanity

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Still no Diablo 2 for me yet, but the possibility is there... All depends on whether I used Qparted right or not, since that will determine whether the reinstallation of Win2K will be able to use the extended drives D,E, and F... I think they were supposed to be extended, but I really have no idea and it's possible I misunderstood whatever I was looking at on the net.

Win2K is installing as I type... Perhaps I shall be having some fun later tonight.