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Real Life: Downloading the new weekly free iTunes music right now. Just spent a couple of hours testing a new version of some Mac software and writing up my report.

My toe still hurts, but there is no red line and/or pus so I am hopeful that it is healing. Looks like hell, though, with the toenail missing and the area where the toenail use to be looks flayed!

My partner just got up (early today because she needs to grade some papers before she goes to work), so I am trying to stay our of her way while she stumbles around groggily. Offered to make her breakfast, but she knows I can't cook well, and declined a grilled cheese sandwich (microwaved) or popcorn.

Talked with my 86 year old neighbor on the phone yesterday at the physical rehab center (she fell and broke her hip), and she's getting grumpy and wants to go home. So I guess that's a good sign that she's recovering...

My cat seems to be okay, but I still need to fatten her up to regain all the weight she lost. Maybe if she'd quit running up and down the stairs all the time, she would keep some of her weight on. The hair on her belly is slowly growing back, but it still looks funny, even though it's soft and not stubbly, now!

I hope everyone is fine and well. :wave:

Diablo II LOD: Think I may play Jackhammer, my 14th level Paladin while iTunes is doing its downloads.



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Home early, time to catch up some sleep missing from the past two nights...

Oh, and this happened earlier when I opened the Quest for 99 thread, it worked just fine at my second attempt but that first try looked like a serious squid incident.


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4:30A here and I cant sleep so I'm cruising the forum and working a bit on each of 4 diff chars


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Hello friends! :wave:

RL: Been travelling a lot and thus haven't had enough time to play D2. Damn RL!

D2: Did loads of NM Andy runs for early twinking gear over the weekend and got my first character to Hell after complete restart earlier this year. It took very much longer time than anticipated/originally planned.

Have a good one, everyone!


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D2: Meh. My brother has my D2 disc so I cant play.

RL: Planning a trip around the world with one of my girlfriends. We are so far just planning to go to Bangkok - Sydney - Auckland - Nadi (Fiji) - Los Angeles - London - Home. Nothing big but it will be kickass being away from Sweden for 2 months or more. Yiha!


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RL: had class last night, really enjoying it, it's rare to have a teacher that can get you excited about course work. today = work = end of the month invoicing.

D2: the other night I took a break from Eowyn, my strafazon, and played some with my fishymancer, Trout_Bringer. Was happy to discover he's in Act 2 (starting to get tired of Act 1). He killed Radament without a problem. Last night it was back to getting Eowyn out of Act 1, she killed the Smith and now she's lvl 19, just 5 more lvls until she gets strafe, but for now I'm haveing fun using Ice Arrow. Probably no D2 tonight, other things to do.

Dark Matter

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RL: Not much

D2: Crafted a nice Harmony bow last night - My 'zon lacks dex so she can't equip it. Maybe should have made it in a lower ranked bow. Heigh ho.

Killed Diablo Normal on /p 8 - Valk died, Merc died, I had one pot left and he went down. Should have recast Valk, but forgot. LOL He dropped a Stormstrike, which is a Grailie. Also got a Lenymo from something in the Chaos Sanct - also a Grailie.

Necro is now level 80 and has killed meph. I have a very good Hell Meph Map so I will be going back to farm him later. Think I will press on and see what the Hell forge rune is. The 'zon got an Eld from normal. I can always come back to Mephy later.

If I save the map, I can do Pindle/Meph runs in the same session.

I might push my 'zon on to Nm tonight too.



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Decided to run the Countess a bit with my sorc. The map is only "ok", but I don't want to reroll just yet, because Durance2 is hilariously super-awesome (two teleports to the edge of the screen from the wp drops me right on the stairs, no need take a single step or anything).

No good runes, well one Lum, but I didn't really do many runs yet so it's expected. I need to score a couple of Amns, because as I wrote in yesterdaily, the stock is dangerously low. Sure wouldn't mind finding a Fal either. I have never ever seen one, I have at least one of each rune up to Gul except that one.


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RL: It's all I have at the moment. I leave for work at 4:55 am and return around 8:35 pm. 12 hours of that is at work, where I'm typing this instead of working...so I'll keep it short.

D2: ...ain't happening. The wife is gone this weekend, so I'll be entertaining the troops myself which will be fun. Gotta think of something to do... :scratch:


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RL: coed volleyball games tonight, whoo, what a blast!:undecided: some major homework...

D2: Hopefully finish nightmare with my ball/blizz sorc.



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RL: Exhausting day at school. Feeling very lazy and tired now.

D2: Leveling my Gimmershred based Conviction paladin (using +slvl10 Conversion too, which is very amusing).

Recent finds:
Shimmering Grand Charm of the Icicle
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 27
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 36
Fingerprint: 0x6c624d64
All Resistances +14
Adds 2-3 cold damage over 1 seconds

Scintillating Jewel of Virility
Required Level: 26
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 36
Fingerprint: 0xe70b9761
+5 to Strength
All Resistances +13

Revolutionary, never found a charm or jewel with +to all resistances.
But now I'm having a hard time to choose what to socket with that jewel...


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RL: Work has really stunk lately. I'm determined to move out of my mother's house by the end of next month. Blah.

D2: Pushed Zanatos (yes, I now know it's spelled wrong :tongue: ) through to the Frozen Tundra (I don't like stopping unless I have a decent place to stop, meaning WP near entrance or exit of area), and tonight I will do the Frozen River to rescue Anya. WWS is pretty good, but I'm keeping the Kuko on switch for now, for the explodey arrows.

Oh well, gotta finish eating and play before I fall asleep!


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Well, I spent most of the day (and night) playing the Median 2007 mod by Brother Laz. My eyes hurt! (See here: http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=498606 )

Pretty fun. I started a Necromancer named Ecroman and a Druid named Ru. Had a blast casting Plague Avatar (a kind of stationary guard that pts out poison clouds) and then Doom Serpents (a whirly frost attack), then picking off any monsters that were left with a throwing spear that has a special multi-attack. I recommend trying it out. It's not a big download, and you can keep the mod games separate from your regular games just by whitching one file (I also backed up my Diablo II Save Folder, stored in elsewhere, and made a new empty one to use for the mod characters only--not taking amy chances!).