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Hey all, no didn't see a daily yet, and it's my day off, so I thought I'd start one.

RL: Day off! A little sick, but I'd still like to get out of the house today, so I think I'll go out in a little bit. I've also got laundry and cleaning to do.

D2: Leoric my Vindicator/templar (without the templar at the moment) absolutely *murdered* normal duriel last night, so I'm on to Act 3 with my PDagger necro Sirius. I'm awaiting a response about Treachery in another thread for him, though he can't use it for a while.

I also did a couple of runs and some gambling with MadMardigan. Didn't get anything noteworthy, aside from a Rixot's Keen in the Pit.

OG: Played some Mario Sunshine this morning before getting out of bed, got 3 more shines. Also still working on my Space Marines.

For the Emperor!


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RL: Baah!!! My phone keeps ringing with friends/colleagues needing favours. All requests thus far are reasonable, but getting 9 favours requested in one morning is a little much. I want to be unpopular again, just like the other 364 days this year.

D2: I'm putting the final build-planning together for my Frenzy Barb to tackle /p8 hell. Arreat's or CoA? What to socket where? etc. I enjoy this almost as much as playing.


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RL: its friday at work so its all good there
D2: just busy working on the tournaments Ive entered


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RL: hmmmm, for the whole day i was trying to invent an extremely sadistic way to murder my boss. so after work to calm down i went shopping and bought new jeans.

D2: nothing new. i continue buldosing Hell Flayers' Jungle on /p8 just to level my singer up... tried to run Hell countess, got 4 keys and not a single descent rune! moreover, on one of the countes runs i encountered 2 bosspacks. fana archers and might goatmen. standing together. i was almost eaten alive with my 4.8k life! (tho S&E saved me).

OG: started a new char in Diablo. Falconet the rogue. She has already killed the Butcher!


RL: Didn't go to uni because the classes didn't interest me and I had difficulty waking up (speaking of which, I get the feeling that I might have to face the same difficulty tomorrow morning, as it's past 2 AM at the moment!). I decided that this year, I won't go to classes unless they're mandatory, and hardly ever been to uni since the start of the semestre last Monday. No, I don't regret it, and I don't agree that I have to attend the lectures, for notes are readily available and I can't take notes myself anyway. We'll see if it's worked after the first exam in a few weeks.

So, what did I do all day at home? Sat in front of the computer and didn't get up except for the rare needs like drinking water and processing the said water. Didn't even have a proper meal! God, I wish I could spend my life like this...

D2: Questing in A1 NM, nothing interesting.


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Real Life: Wishing I could smite the teacher about now. We're learning the basics of VB, the IDE, etcetera... It's all very boring, and the teacher doesn't really have a clue. Grrr. I also have an assignment due today, but my computer shot itself in the foot this morning when I was copying it to my portable hard drive. Yay! I'm going to have an interesting time explaining this one to the teacher!

Diablo II: Currently taking my wind druid through the rest of act 1 normal. Currently level 15. Man he's a blast, or should I say, gust! *apologises for the crappy joke*

Edit: You guys are slow, like usual. :p It's alrieady wednesdaily where I am! Go go Australia!
Edit2: I'm with you poops, I like the challenge of planning a character as much as actually creating the character. I also like the agony of the early game, when you gamble two decent rares, one with life leach, one with mana leach, and you have to tear out your hair deciding which one is better. Non-D2 players just wouldn't understand...

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RL: My day off today. w00t. SBC stopped by and fixed the LAN phone. gg annoying phone calls from ***-hat telemarketers!!! :rolleyes: Also stopped by Best Buy and picked up a Linksys wireless-N router and pci card. I now have an active Internet connection on my pc. Yay!!!! :laugh:

Diablo 2: I'll prolly play some after dinner, but what I'll be doing exactly I haven't a clue. My gems stash is starting to get a tad big, maybe I'll do some cubing. Oh, what fun. :grin:


neumein, it's wednesday here as well. Maybe we should open two daily threads base on time zone. Nah just kidding.

RL: Well, off from school today and take caring my dear as he just "busted" out from hospital. Still weak though..

D2: Congratulation, Archimonde will now henchforth be known as Slayer Archimonde (at lv47).


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You mentioned that it is wednesday where you are as well. I am residing in Melbourne, Australia, where are you from?


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RL: Moving back to school Thursday, so I'm packing and finishing up some work details.
D2: Kinda got bored with the game for a bit... I played for about half an hour in NM A3...


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An exotic! Nice!

edit: sorry if that sounds rude or offensive, it's not meant to be. I just don't know too many malaysians, that's all