Tuesdaily - vacation over


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Tuesdaily - vacation over

RL: Well as stated in the title, my vacation is over... It was a really fun vacation, so that's cool :cool:. Don't think I'm going to do anything today (except school).

D2: Don't know, we'll see.


PS. I now see I have more than 1000 posts, yay :tongue:


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tuesdaily- now with added eeek

been a while since iv done one of these

d2: i wish,

RL; got possably my hardist exam today, but im feeling semi well prepared (and theirs still an hour or 2 of cramming left to do :rolleyes: and later on got buisness exam which is quite easy so not too worried about that one, anyway better go, books are a calliing


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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

School. T_T. That sucks. *points and laughs*

RL: Will sleep. A lot.

D2: Frost Zealot finished. Impalazon FAILING (duh). MA sin progressing. 200 FCR sorc in the making. NOT a CB sorc. Maybe next time, pharaoh. ;).

EDIT: lol, nepeta. -_-'.
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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

Royally hungoverish due to no apparent reason, in perfect shape for a class on 18th century french drama... Also got a shiny new avatar, couldn't resist really. It's really hard to stay strong in the lovely weather we've been suffering for the last couple of weeks. Game-wise I guess I'll do a few countess runs later, still need an Um (results are now Ist, Mal, Mal, Mal, Mal, Lem and lower), I'm so confused. For now it's the sun and good day to you all :)


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Re: tuesdaily- now with added eeek

I was first, but I'll pm a mod to fuse the 2 threads
Now you owe me tequila. ;-)

RL: It's puking snow again in the mountains... after working fairly hard to rehab my shoulder (yet again) for the last couple of months, I think I'm going to chance it and get in one last day on the slopes for the season. Everyone pray for me that my arm doesn't fall off...

D2: After I get home & I'm sore and tired, yeah, I can see a mindless hour or two in LK. And I played BaalBusterIII for a few WSK runs earlier...


I officially think Iron Maiden is the most-frustratingly-designed skill in the game. It's not powerful enough that you can use it yourself with any prolonged success - but it's so powerful that it's insta-death for virtually any melee character that gets cursed with it. So, it's pretty much bugged in both directions.

They could make it a little weaker so that you'd actually have a little bit of a chance if you'd get cursed. Or they could make it even stronger so that a necromancer could actually use it successfully (yes, I realize insta-death would be even worse when cursed, but there's not much difference between '100% dead' and '500% dead' in my eyes).

Q: What led to this rant, you ask?
A: Watching my merc die eight consecutive times to the same group of OK's. Yes, EIGHT :censored: TIMES to the same :censored: group!!! (and there were 2 bosses there that made it a little to dicey to go mercless for very long, so that option was out)


... and no, I don't feel better now that I got that out of my system.



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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

@poops - have a beer and chill out. then go kick OK *** - take the weapon off merc and see if that helps

RL: work- again. i hate being responsible

D2: Started my first ever HC char. Going for a 2h avenger. Why? I dont know - lots of fun so far


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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

RL: Work. Hopefully it won't be as hot in this swetbox they call an office as yesterday.

D2: I have a smiter who has just rescued NM Anya, maybe I will get through the rest of NM tonight.

@nepeta: So who is the shiny new avatar?

@sirpoops: Must have been the season for it, I had problems last night in the NM CS. I think the problem with IM is that when 1.10 came in the monster HP & damage ratios were adjusted it messed everything up. From what I have read, IM and Thorns were both effective in 1.09. Still, agreed, it is a big pain. I have a 2h Zealot (sword of course) in A1 Hell, he has 20 Holy Bolt and 20 FoH to deal with Gloams and OKs. Be interesting to see how he does.

@TheBhoy: Good luck with that one. I had enough trouble with mine SC. Have a read of Dante in the Mat & Pat compilation, and of course Asmos notes on 2h avengers in his guide. They are extremely fragile.


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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

RL: Work. More of the same really. One boss ripped my head off, whilst the other one paid be a nice compliment. Go figure.

D2: Have started a necro as my first (real) HC character. Only level 7 or something, but hey, I have to start somewhere.

@sirpoops: "frustingly"-designed skill? Hehe. :tongue:


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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

Yay! More and more people joining the dark (HC) side!:thumbsup:

RL: Urology lessons started today. Hell, I didn't know SO much could happen to one's willy...:nervous:

D2: Since the sun's out, the sky's blue and temperatures are over 23°C...probably not. Maybe later some RoF runs or levelling my 1.09 rusher.

EDIT: Huh, glad I didn't trigger the word filter...*g*

Crazy Runner Guy

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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

RL: My vacation is just beginning. I take my last exam of my first year of law school in about 90 minutes. And then, I'll walk into the woods for 200 miles over two weeks. www.shta.org I'll see you folks sometime after Memorial Day.

D2: My LF zon just finished NM Diablo, and she's smoking everything she comes upon. Pretty soon she gets to throw on some of the big guns, like the CoH and T-Strokes.


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Re: Tuesdaily - vacation over

RL: Second day of my internship and on forums... and my summer school class begins today as well. Starting to get busy again, I thought I was on summer vacation for a second.

D2: Ancients and Baal in normal on my sorc because I didn't finish them yesterday.