Tuesdaily: Lemon scented.


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Tuesdaily: Lemon scented.

Well, it has been tuesdaily here, melbourne australia, for around 11 hours now, so I figured I should spew out the daily.

RL: got some assignments due this week, should finish them off, but I'm a king procrastinator.

D2: working on a pure blizzard mephisto runner to gain some wealth after my restart.


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It's still 4 in the afternoon where I am, though you can't tell with the rain and dark clouds...

RL: The weather outside is frightful, but the oven is so delightful, so as long as I've got some time, let us bake, let us bake, let us bake!

D2: due to back issues, I can't sit at the computer all eveing after sitting at it all day, so no D2 latly.


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W_M where ya from?

It is dark and rainy here in Portland Oregon, and it is 4:25pm now heh.

RL: Not doing much... work... come home and sleep...

D2: Played my exploding arrow paladin a bit earlier, considering playing the new Median


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MadMardigan said:
Well, some smart-alecky Aussie :badteeth: will prolly start a Tuesdaily soon (even though some parts of the world still have more than 5 hours of Monday left)
No more than an hour ago... this means my powers of precognition are finally coming to fruition... BEHOLD! For I am the new order!


Edit: On a side note, this is hilarious.http://www.brikwars.com/rules/2005/quikwars.htm


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Yes, but your powers of precognition failed to detect the obvious lemon scent of this thread, rendering you henceforth humiliated. :badteeth:

EDIT: That Brickwars thing is awesome. I've got somewhere between 40-60K lego, maybe I should start up a brick war of my own...

*begins amassing lego figure army*

Fists of Legend

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I'm finally back for a Tuesday

RL: Work till 6 and then relax all night.

D2: I may put some of that in on the relax all night.


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RL: Had a date with a cute little brunette last night and wrapped up watching Heros last night. That show needs to be at least two hours long.

D2: nada...

Dark Matter

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RL: Not a lot - bored at work.

D2: Got my Sorc through Acts 1 and 2 of NM. She's now lvl 55. Looking forward to running Meph when I get there.

I hope I get a good map. I really can't face re-rolling one for hours. I spent about 4 hours on Friday night trying to one for my Strafer and rolled this Sorc instead. LOL



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RL: I wrote a part of my gfs project for school cos she has alot of them right now. And i think shes mad because i only wrote one page. Go figure... Havent seen her today yet so cant be sure.
Iron Maiden concert later today. Friend is coming over so we can have a couple of beers and get to the appropriate levels of feelgoodness. :flip:
Trivium is their ehh... whatever its called "Warm up band". Dunno if it rings any bells to you guys. Been waiting on this since March.

D2: Sorc is 15 and meleeing in act 1. Rolled a nice map to nm meph for my nec and hoping for a viper before the sorc is 29.

edit: Oh yea, have decided the next char. Some kind of hunter. Fissure/grizzly/how or something. Have to read some guides first.


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RL: Haven't been on the forums for a few days, biggest event recently has been going to see Less Than Jake and the Dropkick Murphys play in Birmingham. Absolutely amazing night, possibly one of the two best nights out I've ever had and much fun happened. But on the flip side I lost my phone at the event and missed the last train home partly through looking for it. Taxi ride back wasn't too bad but they still aren't great when you're on your own. (I got separated from the people I was with)

D2: Ticking over. I didn't get that much time to play last week, but that's becoming a common trend so I'm used to it. Playing another classic character at the moment, and got it up to Kurast in normal. Just hoping it'll start to fly when I get to level 30 and the main skill, because up to now it's been a bit rubbish.

Laz's release of the new Median is also very tempting. I need to finish up my second install so I can start up a 1.10 version for mods.

edit: @pedu: Iron Maiden with Trivium as a support band? That sounds awesome, have a great time (though based on the bands alone that shouldn't be too hard...)


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Might as well join in ;)

RL- Went to school, get out at 10:20 am daily so its not much... state finals game for field hockey tonight, might go.

D2- Fooling around with my second single player character, LF/CS/Strafe hybrid... Nightmare has been easy so far since i quickly maxed LF, but since i don't have much gear for + skills it might not hold up so well in hell.... we'll see