Tuesdaily is comming, did you bring your coat?


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Tuesdaily is comming, did you bring your coat?

MM, you may not be up early enough to start this, but I am.

RL: work, work and more work. And after work I'm going to get a hair cut. I've also decided to take a week off from work (most of it unpaid) to work on my thesis paper, cause there is never enough time in the day to do so. All the other school work, my job and commuting eat up all my time.

D2: haven't played in a few days cause MM was visiting, but maybe I can get some in tonight when I get home.

Oh, and let's see how many of you know what I'm going on about in the title, other than MM.


No idea.. (No idea what's MM either :grin: )

RL: Holiday tomorrow. I should do some studies now.. Exams is 25 days away..

D2: Still questing with my IK Barb. I got a question to ask. Is Stun a synergy for Cencentration in Barb skill tree?


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@MM no one can stop me from whining!...whine whine whine

@Suiling, MM stands for MadMardigan, Sorsha's 'significant' other :wink3:

RL: Yeah, it was a definite moanday yesterday.

D2: I leveled my sorc up one whole level. :rolleyes: Maybe another one tonight.

Have fun :thumbsup:


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RL hehe I have all day to eat sleep and play d2
D2 well i could work on my new asn, or my nec, or my zealer or I could eat and sleep


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RL: Knackered.

D2: Cubed a load of less than perfect gems. Trying to find something to do with approx 550 pgems.

@suiling. I though concentrate was a synergy for Stun not the otherway around. I suppose you could look on the Arreat Summit for the information. I imagine it is likely to be on there.


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Oh, and let's see how many of you know what I'm going on about in the title, other than MM.
my spoooon is too big.

IM A BANANA! etc etc. :)

rl:blah @ work, but saw "children of men" tonite (its 12am now) and it was quite teh orsum.

d2:questing a lite-sorc up for no other reason than i wanted one. guess i can run countess with her once she is all done. made a CM rw in a axe for her aswell, just have to wait till lvl47 for the "pwn" as they say.



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Boring day...a 4 hours in uni, 2 hours playing pool, 1 hour of food + TV, 1 hour nap, 4 hours left....d2....nope, my day was gg:cool:


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I live in a giant bucket

erics said:
@Suiling, MM stands for MadMardigan, Sorsha's 'significant' other :wink3:
I applaud you for not saying "insignificant" other, erics. Just having a bit of fun with your sarcastic "What, no daily yet? You bums." comments recently.

RL: Day off today, plus hard weekend, equals trying to relax today. Laundry must still be done, and maybe I'll try to get some cleaning done too. But relaxing is the important thing today.

D2: Played my pure lightning sorc Morganna a bit last night, in spite of my tiredness. Got her to upper kurast. So later on, the push in to Travincal, the heart, and the floating act boss. Hopefully.

Ah well, off to do nothing. Oh, wait, already doing that.

Edit: Wow, the forum screwed up the quote tag. I win many intarnets.

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RL: Just got done with work. Going to relax tonight. With no niece or nephew here tonight I should be able to get to bed earlier.

D2: Finish off my pindle runs for the Pindlethon 3. After that, don't know yet.


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RL: trudging through Micro$oft Visual Basic in Excel, fun.

D2: after having done my restart, I've started up a sorceress (Glacial Spike / Firewall) to get some loot for other characters I've got planned

And yes, I know where this thread's title comes from, and those videos are twisted, like me! Yay! And yes, I should have brought my coat, as the rain is coming down like no tomorrow.


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Well, another update, to probably kill the thread too.

D2: Mephisto is most definately dead, died rather quickly to spammed charged bolt at 8 frames per cast. Next up is Cuisinart, my WW assassin, who is still in act 2 normal. Glee.