TS/DT question involving fortitude and phoenix



TS/DT question involving fortitude and phoenix

How does the +%ed affect the final charge of a ts/dt combo? does it affect the total final damage? Or does it just affect the claw strikes, and normal kick dmg? I was just wondering if fortitude or phoenix would be good at increasing the ts/dt damage significantly. If it does , it seems that would result in insane damage levels. please clarify this someone! :clap:

side question: are there any other good runewords for a MA assassin? anything kinda creative that someone has discovered here? just wanna tap the expert assassins out there for any info or advice :thumbsup:


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The ED% will just get added to that of Tiger Strike, and be pretty minor in comparison. It would be a nice boost for a Tigerless Tailer though, and the -fire res on Phoenix would be nice for any Dtailer.