Trying to make a decision...


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Trying to make a decision...

Give me 10 reasons why someone should move from L to SP.
I'm thinking of 10 why someone shouldn't.

1) L Runewords.
2) MP Games need a host.
3) Someone teach me ATMA!
4) Next episode.

I might move here if I'm convinced. :thumbsup:
1. no lag
2. no server downtime
3. play for as much or little time as you want
4. dont have to relie on other characters to get you to where your going
5. OMG U F'ING NOOB, G1mm3 ITEMz! is rarely heard from cain.
6. muling on/off with ATMA = 100 times easier and safer than bnet muling.
7. you can hang around with us more.
8. you can experiment with underpowered builds and still go at your own pace without others having a go at you because your slow and dont 1 hit kill in hell.
9. ATMA stash means no need for hundreds of mules.
10. you can put this game down for a while and your characters will still be there when you come back.
11. trading is much safer if you follow the guidlines, and can be backtracked much easier if something does smell fishy.
12. getting a high level rune is an achievement in SP, not just something to throw onto the pile of duped enigmas and BotD's.
13. we show respect to your achievements, not just judging you on how many hours you can run baal a day to get higher on the ladder.
14. Bnet is going to hell now that blizz has there cash cow WoW, and in time im sure they will get rid of the diablo 2 servers, or reduce it in size.

Theres 14, take your pick. :thumbsup:


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SP is not for everyone. Either you see it as better, or you don't. I would never put up with all the OMG n00b11!!!!111 bull that you have to deal with on bnet, but thats just me.

Play whatever you want. Its your life. Do what makes you happy.


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1. The SPF.
2. The SPF.

The community here is unmatched by any RPG I've ever played. We of the SPF value trust, honor, and loyalty above all, and we will never ask you to Baal rush our newbz, plzkthx.



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I don't feel the need to convince you.

I played Bnet for a long time. I started a few SP characters and it was kinda fun. I found this forum, and it was MUCH more fun. Tournements, MFO's, contests..all great stuff. I started playing less and less Bnet. I recently archived all my SP characters and items and started fresh. Just like a ladder reset. The people here at the forums are great about sharing stories and experiences you have while adventuring. Not to mention all the great help.

My Bnet time is now down to a HCL group game that I am commited to tuesday nights. I don't miss it. My SP characters are just as fun to play, I can still trade and I don't have to deal with the typical Bnet riff-raff.

If you get tired of Bnet's crap, but still enjoy D2, you might want to give SP and these forums a try. Have fun whichever you decide.


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Some others for when you do want to MP (and there is quite a lot of it going on here).
- Everyone is polite against others.
- There is no grabbing for items, usually it is discussed in a polite manner which drops go to which person and in most games, bit depending on the host; this even goes for high runes and TC87 items... try that on cattle net. ;)
- when questing there is no usually no rushing and wp skipping and no nOOb calling because your char might be underpowered.

Some others.
- when playing SP you will hang around here more and benefit from the good advice and huge amount of info gathered here without every bit of advice having BotD!!11 ENIGMA CoH!!11 gib stormlash!! in it...
- you can easily play another version of diablo for some time if you feel like it.
- finding nice items (also apart from runes) will feel satisfactory... not everyone (including you) has every item and runeword lying around duped ten times...
- ATMA .. I know FB already said it but it cannot, never, be said enough :clap:


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I remember the last night I played on BNet...

it was that night when Blizzard was finally releasing info on the 1.10 patch. I remember sitting in mirc anxiously awaiting the news. Tons and tons of people where there. Just about 8,000x more than normal. After that night and the hours I spent going through every new page on the Arreat Summit, I went back to BNET, looked at all my cooky (not cookie) HC builds - my 1.09 dentist, bowler, Fireadin, etc. And decided to take a break until the new patch came out. Once a month, I relogged all my accounts full of mules until that day that the patch arrived (13 months later). When I started playing again, I realized that I was really playing games by myself since I didn't need to party to succeed with the new synergies.

I said to myself, "Self, why do I deal with all the lag and the constant threat of PKs (I only play HC), when I can get as good of an experience on single player?" After a lot of soul searching, I gave away all my mule accounts - I had a ton - and made my into thread to this forum. That was back around august 2003, on my old account, and haven't looked back since.


So, in summary, for me ... well I really enjoyed just playing by myself and didn't want to worry about all the griefers out there.


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SeDnA said:
Give me 10 reasons why someone should move from L to SP.
I'm thinking of 10 why someone shouldn't.

1) L Runewords.
2) MP Games need a host.
3) Someone teach me ATMA!
4) Next episode.

I might move here if I'm convinced. :thumbsup:
Reasons not to join the SPF and single player:

1) um . . .
2) yeah theres um . . .
3) oh and dont forget um. . .
4) . . .
5) watch out for shin kicks
6) . . .
7) um. . . help me please
8) daerhT yliaD s'yadseuT
9) . . .
10) nevermind this is all Durf's fault

Reasons to leave BNet

1) There is no lag in single player, no matter how old and cheap your computer.

2) No noobs, shouting PLZ HLP M3, Gib M3 ITMZ, F*** Joo NObl3r

3) MP is still available and the MP weekly thread usually runs 1-5 games 20-24/7

4) Satisfaction of characters and progress increases 100 fold when soloing in single player compared to Bnet.

5) Weird builds are not uncommon, you can actually explore different ideas without being put down. We all like weird builds here at the SPF.

6) Community, this forum is a nice place just to chat let alone play the game, its really nice to play MP with folks you know more personally than just from playing D2.

7) ATMA, an easy to use muling program, its accepted because it would be like making hundreds of mules with an organizer, and it doesn't vastly effect gameplay. We have a sticky for helping you with ATMA.

8) Contest and tournements, we run alot of these, anywhere from the abstract to the MFO (magic find olympics) where MFing is the goal.

9) Giveaways we have a thread with all kinds of giveaway items, heck I got a wolfhowl and most of trangs set from giveaways, along with tons of other items.

10) Durf is always to blame, Fartingbob's in love with all the EU's, and AE/creamtalk (our mods) are very fair.


The /players command makes it worth it for me alone. You're able to play an eight person game without relying on anyone else. You get all the experience, gold, loot, etc.

Plus, when you MP and something good drops, people stand around and discuss who should take it, rather than swooping it up and gloating. Quite civilized.

- Noodle


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ladder-only runewords isn't even a good reason to stay ladder vs. SP. we get all the original 1.10 words. it's just the newly released ones that aren't available in SP and it's mostly no loss since most of them aren't make-able anyway. If you have 3 Jah's, you're cheating or playing with cheaters so who cares about a runeword you can't make anyway?


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i agree with what has been sad. This forum/community is one of the main reasons why i am having fun with a game again that was sitting in a very very forbidden corner of my hdd.
As for the mp games, i have the best experience. Whenever i post in the appropriate thread it is only a few minutes still some people start popping up on my server, and it is actually people i enjoy playing with. My chars are usually far behind in terms of strength of most of the older player's chars, but i never heard a single comment (not to mention insult) being made about that.
Also, though there is no actual way to prove that since i dont see into other people's hard drives, i am almost certain there is way less cheating going on among the spf community than bnet or any other place to speak of. (the small amount of rare runewords is a good indicator for example).
In general i have a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience playing either alone or with people from here, as opposed to a mad and often pointless rush for some kind of fictive "power" that causes joy to people in a way i cant understand.


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SeDnA said:
Give me 10 reasons why someone should move from L to SP.
I'm thinking of 10 why someone shouldn't.

1) L Runewords.
2) MP Games need a host.
3) Someone teach me ATMA!
4) Next episode.

I might move here if I'm convinced. :thumbsup:
As far as 2) is concerned, games are much better when the host, and other players, are friends.

If you can use Windows Explorer then 3) is easy.

I don't post very often, but just hanging around in the SPF has increased my understanding of the game (and I'd been playing the thing for years and thought I had it sussed). There are a lot of very knowledgable and helpful people here.

(I'm going to stop now. I think I'm in danger of causing a group hug).


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I think you're asking the wrong question. Of course the people here believe in their community and their way of playing, else why would they be here? But do you really need them to tell you how great it is here? Imo what matters is whether you like it or not. You shouldn't base your decision on what other people think. Do what feels right for you. This place has it's good sides as well as it's darker ones. Hang around, find out if you like it and then chose for yourself. I have my reasons for being here and not on but maybe they don't work for you.


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Well, I can speak for SP in general or SP w/ SPF. SP you get to go at your own pace, play who and what you wanna play and if you want teamwork, just MP. Going on vaction? no biggie, play when you get back.

SP w/ SPF. The bestest in the whole wide world, so long as you like it vanilla.
10. People who congradulate you on making it to the Hell ancients w/ just wirt's leg, even if the buggers do you in.
9. OT places to get to know your fellow members, we're like family.
8. I make cookies and distribute them w/ a free hand. *hands over plate of cookies and sets out several for those who follow*
7. Enjoy getting a legit Zod and then drag it on forever and ever.
6. Ever wondered what poision nova is really? So have we, and we've got your creative answers.
5. Show off your creative writting, or read someone else's.
3. Good ahead and ask, someone here will know it, if there's an answer.
2. Tourney's!!!!!!
and the number one reason? Look how many people want to welcome you despite your obivious skeptisism.


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I wanna play SP but I got some friends online on realms. Maybe I'll switch when i get sick of infinity.


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The only runeword that I would have prefered allow on SP is Duress...It's like Crescent Moon in terms of cost and is just as effecient as it...But then again, what's the fun when there is no challenge? Also, not trying to be rude or anything, but it seems like you're just asking for reasons when you've already made up your mind...