Trying to find "Silks of the Victor"

Charlie Strong

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I'm a 62 hammerdin trying to get as OP as possible to clear hell, and I found Silks of the Victor and went "oh wow" but saw the 100 str requirement and threw it away. I am now hell bent on finding this item again after realizing I'm a f**king idiot for tossing it. The big defense bonus paired with holy shield will give me ridiculous defense for hell mode. I'm playing classic

Does anyone know the best place to find/farm this item? Ty


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Is gambling still viable? The only classic I've played is in 1.00, and body armor can be quite expensive.

Drop calc (not sure how skewed the numbers are compared to LoD, which it is designed for) say that Griswold and The Smith in NM and Hell seem to have the best odds.

Cow King might be a good target as well, but again, that might have been patched. Wish I could help more.


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62 hammerdin should much prefer something like Skin of the Vipermagi instead. It's also easier to find, and you should be able to find it anywhere in NM (meph is probably your best bet, but andy may also work)

edit: didn't see thsi was classic...

my answer is:
Get literally everything from normal cow king, and upgrade a few slots from hell cow king
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Charlie Strong

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I don't think making a new char is necessary, I can farm great on the hammerdin. I don't even care about stats at this point I just want to find this armor again so I can avenge my retardation of throwing it away. "Silks of the Victor" is the "Ancient Armor" type and I don't think that is sold by the gamblers, can I still get lucky and get the item from just any chest armor? Thanks