Trying something new with my Paladin, help me with stats.


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Hello i am playing with my level 80 Paladin in Hell, i decided to run back to Baal Nightmare and the first run i found a Bonehew Ogre Axe. I decided i want to use this weapon with the defensive aura Salvation. So i have Maxed Vengeance, Salvation, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, and working on Resist lightning, all these auras synergize vengeance. I need 195 strength for Bonehew i considered socketing some Hel runes to reduce requirements but ultimately decided to wait till have some better runes or jewels to socket. So with my equipment i needed to allocate 175 stats to strength. Now my question and what i need help with is how should i allocate the rest of the points between Dex and Vit. I went 120 Dex and the rest on Vit at first then i went to Hell Andariel and only had a 76% chance to hit her! So i just reseted my stats again lol! Any advice helps thanks!


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Dex won't give you a lot of AR, try the angelic ring + amulet combo if you have it, maybe some steel charms.. what also helps is being a higher level then the monsters you are fighting.

If you haven't socketed anything into bonehew yet, a couple of eth runes are really cheap and will lower the defense of everything (except other players) you attack by 50%. I'm pretty sure this won't factor into the chance to hit so don't be fooled by the LCS (lying character screen, how it's usually called for a good reason).
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Dexterity is a pretty inefficient way to get Attack Rating. Have you tried using a couple pieces of the Angelic Raiment set? It can give a really nice boost. Also, what level are you at when fighting Andariel? Your level relative to the monster's comes into play too.


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No more into strength and dexterity than needed to meet requirements (respectively to keep blocking at 75% when wearing a shield), all the rest into vitality.

If it helps, don't hesitate with putting Hel runes into Bonehew. These runes are rather common and you can unsocket it with a cube recipe (the socketing is gone then, however). Another good and cheap Bonehew socketing is 2x shael, as it's rather slow, even with its 30% increased attack speed.

By the way, if you have Griswold's armor, you could put 3 perfect amethysts into it, for a total of +50 to strength.