trouble hitting in PvP


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trouble hitting in PvP

ok im a rabies/fury druid

i got 1 point in WW max lacrophy or howe ver u spell it max rabies and max fury

now with angelic ammy and 1 ring my ar is around 15-18k and im having trouble hitting some barbs and smiters cos their defence is too high

now i got 10 skill points left

should i dump them into oak sage or WW to get AR up more?

any help appreciated


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Your lvl, fhr, and ar are what really says if your going to be hitting any one. Make shure your lvl is higher then the person your fighting and you should see a large change in the amount of hits you get in. I also tend to see my ar around 20k. Show us your set up and we could explain more.

And by around 20k I mean I have over 20k. It might be because your not using enough plus to skills.


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Yea, lvl is really important. I dueled another wolf with much worse gear than me, and i lost alot. And he had 3 levels more than me.


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Hey, Everyone,
How's it going? I'm starting to work on my first PvP WereWolf in over four years, and am noticing a few problems. My near 20k Attack Rating on a level 89 WereWolf does not help me hit a friend of mine, who is a lvl 80 Smiter (Paladin) with around 75k Defense. Is there anything I can do about this?

-=MaStA ViC