Trigger PKing back? Weird experience in NM..


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I can enlighten on the skill related drop. That is some of the anticheat code that blizzard put in working. Trying to use the skill when the item that gave it to you is not there triggers one of the things they are watching for so I believe that is what triggers having you drop from the game then. I suspect that might be triggering a scan of your copy of D2 for hacks at that time but do not know 100%.

Ran accross that info once when I was taking a look at one of the hack sites trying to find out if something was going on one night when bnet was acting up and there was as usual no info on the bnet forums (bnet forums were down that night so even less info there than normal).


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Phantom_Man said:
You don't need to be scroll locking to have a good shot. My 72 zon showed that perfectly.
True, but with tppk, and the fact that the guy found the stairs to izzy's area immediately without running down the sides like a non-maphack person would have (he joined game and was going to 'help' us loot a guy who died before he joined), was pretty much definite that this guy was using MH.

Also, bonespirits become 'invisible' outside of the screen they were shot from (or at least they used to).... unless you're using scroll lock, where they stay visible for 2 or 3 screens away (which is what happened).