Tribute to ladder season 4

Tribute to ladder season 4

Dear Ladder,

I have known you for over a year now. I've gotten to know you 3 times over this, every time getting to know you better than before. The last time you even gave me a very nice Light Facet to boost both my confidence and my wealth.

Dear Ladder, I know we haven't always gotten along. Me getting frustrated by getting couple of hundreds Isenharts on Meph, but on the other hand you felt generous, donating me some keys when running some of your inhabitants in Act 1, 2 and 5.

Dear Ladder I want to thank you for investing so much time in me, giving room for hundreds of thousands of people, creating milions of characters hosting bilions of games over and over again. Yes, Ladder, seeing that you aren't the little girl you were last year, I can see you've grown to a fully grown Ladder now. That includes dirt cheap HR's, plentiful Enigma's and ofcourse thousands of botters running around.

Dear Ladder, now you've achieved the pinnacle of your economy I think it's time for you to join the rest of your family and leave the chair for a new little sister of yours. Hopefully a bit of improved one, which can last a bit longer than both you and your older sister.

Dear Ladder, you can be assured I'll take good care of your little sister and I'll try to make it as comfortable for her as possible. I'm sure I'll find a nice and comfortable place for the rest of her lifetime.

Dear Ladder, maybe we'll see eachother again.


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Re: Tribute to ladder season 4


"May the road rise up to meet you;

May the wind always be at your back,

The sun shine warm upon your face,

The rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the hollow if His hand."

--------Irish Blessing
And...may we treat all of our D2 brothers & sisters with kindness, consideration & fellowship whilst we play together this new season on bnet:thumbup:


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Re: Tribute to ladder season 4

for me i kinda feel like its the end of a relationship that was crazy fun early on but eventually became a chore and all the while wasn't good for me.

and i'm left with baggage lol

bye ladder 4 i'll remember the good times but i'm glad its over


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Re: Tribute to ladder season 4

Amen indeed! You only forgot to thank the Dear Ladder for another year of epic deaths through lag and IM :jig: