Tribute to 1.09! yey or ney?


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Tribute to 1.09! yey or ney?

back in the good ol days of 09 i had a barbarian weilding the grandfather slashing and hacking stuff to peices and i would like to revive him in these forsaken times of Ãœber runewords and overpowered uniques.
Would just like to know if it's viable to make a Gf barb based on WW and berserk or is it a lost cause?
was thinking something in the lines of Gf preferably with 250%
Arkaines Valor, the king of all armors back then
String of ears, another classic here
Wartravs with 50 mf
1raven and 1 Bk 5% (i dont care if 2 ravens would be better, ll was nasty back then and i think it still can be)
might go for Ik gloves for the str/dex bonus, but no other parts since that'd be too good stats and not in the 1.09 spirit :)
Storm socked with a 40 ed/10 min jewel
Arreats face 200/6, NOT uppgraded,with some fancy jewel inside
Highlords amulet
and to the charms... a nice 1.09 touch would be a bunch of *cough* duped 3.20.20's *cough* :p but since they aren't really viable on ladder i guess that ill go for plain max dmg and plain life and maybe some wc's
Merc would be a might without reapers, pride and all that overpowered junk.
prolly Shaft, gaze and maybe an eth Honor ghostspear/warpike?
The grandfather has a sentimental value for me since it was the first really good item i got when i first started to play this oh so addictive game
(thank god im partially out of it, dont play that much anymore)
(although i got stuck in another addictive blizzard game instead ;S WoW)
This would probably be my last char before i quit for good so help would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


Of course you can -- but don't expect it to be anywhere near as effective as the current top items.

GF was never good for WW, ever.


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Perhaps O/T but i too wish to make a char as a tribute to .09 I'd go with a schafferlot with enuff ias to hit 4fpa zeal with fana hehe I miss my mf sword/shield .09 barb who used a CCBoAlacrity socketed with 2*ed/max + shael :( That sword ended up with 330+ max 1-hand, hit lwwp and i cubed it myself. It was a cool weapon :p He was my employee of the year for patch .09 by finding wf, high runes and IK armor hehe