Tribulations of Balthazar - The HC Untwinked Redemption


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For those of you who don't know, I tried my hand at this Barbarian some time ago (minus all the new Rules I'm implementing). You can go here to check out the relatively short journey if you wish.

Balthazar sought to topple the mountains and claim the seas in his journey to become a Guardian of Sanctuary. His journey was slow, deliberate, patient, and filled with obsession. It ended suddenly, tragically, and with no recourse other than to start again. Today is the start of this new beginning. However, the Balthazar we shall follow here faces an entirely different journey; one of repentance.


The cost of sin is high in Sanctuary. Balthazar bore no greater sin than his never-ending avarice, and it is for this reason he faces these Tribulations.

* Balthazar is no longer worthy. Uniques are forbidden to him. He may not touch them, not even to pick them up. *

* Balthazar is no longer capable of camaraderie. Sets are forbidden as well, and he cannot hire Mercenaries. *

* Balthazar is no longer literate. Identify and Portal scrolls cannot be used. Runewords cannot be made. *

* Balthazar is no longer a good listener. Cube recipes cannot be used. *

* Balthazar is in deep with the sharks. He cannot gamble. *

* Balthazar must commit to change. He cannot reset skills or attributes *

* Balthazar must forgo his greed. No extended stash. He cannot use item/potion find skills. *

* Balthazar is cursed and can have no good fortune. All charms are forbidden. He cannot wear anything that gives Gold Find or Magic Find. *

* Balthazar cannot escape fate. No Save & Exit in dangerous situations. *

* Balthazar must cleanse the world and himself of burdens. Every area must be cleared completely upon entry. *

* Balthazar is weighed down by his Pride. He will not use Magic items.*

TLDR - Superior White Items/Rare equipment only. No extended Stash. No picking up/making Crafted/Set/Unique/Runeword items, No charms, No Scrolls, No Merc, No Gamble, No Respec, No Cube Recipes, No Find Item, No MF/GF. No S&E. Full Clears of any area entered, every time.
Also HC Untwinked, as in title.

The Goal

The short term goal is to make Balthazar into a Guardian. I don't want to get bogged down with item obsession and perfection before I reach that point, and I want it to be an interesting and challenging journey. So, until Balthazar kills Baal in Hell Difficulty, all of these rules stay in effect. After that, we'll see what happens.

Balthazar is going to be Berserker, but I cannot decide if it will be his only mainskill or not. Regardless, once he reaches lvl30 and takes the Berserker skill, he will gain a "quirk" to be determined at that time.

I will give an update for each act, but these might be condensed into multiple updates per post to prevent double-posting.

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Lofty goals. Good luck. With all those restrictions, I think you should ease up and allow yourself some blue items!

Have fun.


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I did it with a barbarian only using Magic/Blue gear, though I allowed myself to use the cube for magic recipes, I gambled and I used scrolls. Good luck.