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Tri-Sorc Build Plotting

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Llanowar, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Llanowar

    Llanowar Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 26, 2017
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    I have just started playing again and have been mulling around a build that would eliminate many of the synergy needs while allowing a sorc to build into at minimum a maxed skill in each tree. I do this for solo games so I can't get tripped up by a dual Immune mob. I also like it for farming Countess as she is F/C Immune and the Dark archers that can spawn nearby are always Lightning Immune.

    After Consideration and some drawing/planning I have worked up a build that uses Fireball, Nova, Frozen Orb, and Enchant. I decided to add Enchant to this build for the +AR for the potential of using a "Might" merc from A2. (Enchant wouldn't need to be maxed, but just boosted somewhat if the testing on it pans out.)

    This build uses 10 other points to open all of these skills and also allow level 1 Teleport.
    That leaves 20-30 (Depending on how high you take Enchant) points to be pumped into whichever masteries/synergies you desire to use for your "Main" spell.

    I normally use Orb as the Cold mastery will lower resist of mobs and leave just the Cold Immune's to cluster around my hireling to be either nova'd or fire-balled down as a group.

    I like this build also due to the fact that I can teleport and drop a few nova's if I begin to be swarmed to knock most of the group into hit recovery to allow me time to get a teleport escape vector.

    Would love to hear thoughts and comments on this as I haven't played much in years and I am trying to plan my own builds and not just go get a "Stock" build from somewhere just because its easier.
  2. Kitteh

    Kitteh Diabloii.Net Site Pal

    Mar 2, 2011
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    Tri-tree sorc isn't required. For example, I recently played a CB/FO sorceress through the game and then completed 1000 Countess runs (a video of her tactics is here, which is significantly shorter and easier for you to see how she handles things) with her and had no problems except for a very, very rare C/L immune boss, which my mercenary would easily dispatch.

    However, to aid you with a tri-tree sorc, or even alternative dual-tree sorcs, use skills with minimal synergy required; charged bolt, frozen orb, nova, frost nova, meteor. Plus, make your mercenary as physical as possible and you're laughing. Personally though, stick to dual-tree. Check out the mat/pat/guard thread in the SPF for dual/tri tree ideas, such as a tri-element enchantress or a Tal's tri-elementalist. If you go to that thread and ctrl+f and search for 'EnerSense', he/she has 7 tri-elementalist sorcs listed. There are more. Enjoy! :)

    Lyrella's Tactics Video
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