tri-elemental sorc (MP group)


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tri-elemental sorc (MP group)

well after playing single player since i have got d2 I have came to a conclusion: It gets boring!!!! so I said to myself, why not start an Mp group? so here it is. *Disclaimer:this group will consist of only 3 people*

well i have came up with the idea of making a MP group outta 3 sorcoresses.

well so far i have came up with these:
-there will only be 3 people
-the character must be sorcs
-each person will only pick one skill tree and must invest all there earned skills in that only skill tree.(that means if a person chooses the fire skill tree they cannot get any skill outside the fire tree)
-the characters must at all times play as a group(thus the title:tri-elemental SORC)
-each player must choses a different skill tree ex: one will be pure fire, other pure cold and last pure lightning

what skills to use is up to the player. for instance the cold skill players could use any cold skills ex: bilzz sorc

to twink or not ot twink?
well we will discuss this when the group forms but i have a proporsition:
we will go untwiked until we are all mat'ed. thus we will have an idea for our end gear but will not be able to use it till we are mated. thus making stat allcolation easy. this way we will have a challegen throughout the game till we finish it.

full clare or not?
well i really want to have fun with this is i offer no rushes but not excatly full clearing. what i'm trying to say is we will do all quests.

if there is any interest i will make the rules a little more clear. hopefully there are some dedicated players out there who will show up to the sessions.

*i myself pick the ligtning sorc

also i can host most of the games played but others hosts are most appreciated.


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Well, I am very interested.

I thought of doing something like this myself once I had the time to justify it, which is from monday next week, so your thread is well timed.

Im an experienced soser player, dont care if it is twinked or untwinked. Im good either way.

I can host too, as I have adsl.

The only problem is that I am in australia. gmt +8 hours. as long as my available times can work with everybody elses, im happy to join!


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Sounds fun. Hope you have a good run of it!

Do the lightning and cold sorcs not get to use Warmth?


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DurfBarian said:
Sounds fun. Hope you have a good run of it!

Do the lightning and cold sorcs not get to use Warmth?

Yah, durfs got a point, what about teleport? warmth? or armor? I guess if there not in your tree then tough luck.


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Don't think it'll be so strict- what good's a sorc without teleport anyway? Anyone ever seen one?
I would like to join, but i wont have the time. already commited to 1 group and have alot of college work to do, so i'm going to have to decline.
And allow everyone to at least use TP and warmth. frozen armour isnt a great boost since it only works in melee, and thats something you'll be avoiding, and you only need 1 person with static, but everyone kind of wants/needs TP and warmth.


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Single tree means single tree, so they will not have teleport or warmth... That means they will need faster runwalk thats all leave it this way, and just see how it pans out, more of a challenge I say. From experience the fire tree isn't bad with mana but is slow with lack of teleport. The cold tree is ok with mana but is again bad with lack of teleport. The lightning sorc has teleport but is horrible with mana, every skill drains their mana significantly.

If I had a choice it would be the fire sorceress, but I don't have the time to play through it with you, sorry.

I hope who ever plays enjoys it. I always loved playing single tree builds, hehe, but I don't have the time for this group.


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Sounds like fun.... I'll play..

I'm on european time (Amsterdam)

I could be the cold sorc, I like blizzard.

Untwinked would prolly be the most fun imo


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sounds like fun group, if I MP and have time for it, I will join for sure.

Anyway, good luck with your group.

**Play a single tree cold sorc sounds powerfull, max both blizzard and FO :thumbsup:


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well it looks like we have our group:

asmodeous-fire tree?
somethingsin-cold tree
deathsguard666-lightning tree

well the plan is to play as one sorcoress so i was thinking that you cannot go outside your own tree but this is completly negotable. i am in u.s(arizona) time. we'll figure out times. maybe every sunday? or i'm always open at about this time so we'll have to work something out. it's great that people have interest too :) from now on we'll post our progress here. together we'll rule the diablo 2 world. we'll have nothing to fear :teeth:

edit: i guess it's untwinked