Tri-elemental build idea


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Tri-elemental build idea

I had a tri-elemental sorc in 1.09 along with several of you I'm sure. I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and come up with a potentially viable build and this is my idea.

Skills (111 pts at level 99):

20 Frozen Orb (33 with +skills)
4 Cold Mastery (17 with +skills)
5 prereqs

20 Meteor (34 with +skills)
10 Fireball
6 Fire Mastery (20 with +skills)
4 prereqs

20 Chain Lightning (33 with +skills)
10 Lightning
6 Lightning Mastery (19 with +skills)
1 Static
1 Teleport
1 Energy Shield
2 prereqs

Occulus (Ist)
Skin of Vipermagi (PTopaz)
Mara's Ammy
2 SOJ's
Silkweave Boots
Arachnid Mesh
Lidless Wall (PDiamond)
Harlequin Crest (PTopaz)

Various +1 Grand Charms

This setup would get you:
180 MF (more if you substitute War Travellers for Silkweave)
120 to All resists (assuming perfect mara's, vipermagi, and a 16 resist annihilus)
120 Faster Cast Rate

Add some +1 skill grand charms and you could reduce the points into FM and LM and add to Firebolt and/or Lightning.

So what do you think? Viable maybe? Looks like a fun build to play with if it would work.


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Uh... Stat points = 110... that is lvl 99. Good luck getting there.. but say you do. Here is your skill damage with +13 all skills and say +2 each branch through 6 charms:

Current Skill Level: 35
Cold Damage: 491-514
Cold Length: 42 seconds
Mana Cost: 42

Chain Light
Current Skill Level: 35
12 hits
Lightning Damage: 5-2841
Mana Cost: 43

Reg. Light
Current Skill Level: 25
Lightning Damage: 10-4138
Mana Cost: 20

Current Skill Level: 35
Fire Damage: 8763-9131
Radius: 4 yards
Average Fire Damage: 1283-1347 per second
Mana Cost: 34

Current Skill Level: 25
Fire Damage: 2946-3287
Mana Cost: 17

Note: This is without energy shield, but the much more needed point of Warmth

Also, if you do the act 5 res quests, you will have about 150 res then with some res charms I left room for, you can have 75 res all in Hell.

I would say go more Meteorb, cause they coo! If you want something that can pull off tri-elementalist better, go for a Meleemental Assassin (Pheonix Striker).

Other then that, it still looks like an ok build, just lots of leveling. If there was one tree that would be last, it would be Light for me.



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Masakerr, that is 120 added to all resists plus the 30 from the act 5 quests as TheKbob mentioned would net you 150 added. I don't recall how much you lose in Hell difficulty though?

Thank you for the damage calculations TheKbob, I really appreciate that. Also thank you for the correction on the total skill points at lvl 99, I neglected to take out a skill point for level 1. Based on the calculations you made would the damage output from meteor and chain lightning be adequate? Also, would it me more beneficial to bump up synergies (Lightning, Fireball) or the corresponding masteries? You're right about it being level restrictive but it isn't too hard to hit level 90 so a person would just have to decide which synergy to drop those last 9 points in if they ever got them.

Anyone else have comments or suggestions?


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Hummm I believe that you could reach a higher damage and faster killing speed with just FO/CL in regular PvM, and let your merc kill the random CI/LI bosses. But this builds sounds possible, but you won't be doing that much damage, and yes, most people won't reach 99 and will stop at the early 90s. So that would even lower the damage. Still, it should work with good charms and made by a decently rich man. GL!!


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EDIT - I think for a first post you'd want to set a better impression than this. Please, next time, be civil, it's not much to ask. ~ Thanks Elly


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LoL, ignore the guy above me.

Tri-elemental sorcs are not a viable build anymore except for the more patient. The stat distribution looks ok but I advise missing out on energy shield and just one point in cold mastery unless you really do reach lvl99. I made a tri-elementalist and from my experience, the lightning damage is kind of weak and I mostly enede up playing meteorb style. I think you can sacrifice a couple fire pts to put into lightning.

A recommend holy freeze merc here. Tanking is crucial and you need to be real careful against a crowd with multiple immunities. In those situations, tele out and have fun seperating the monsters.


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Looks to me from the damage calculations done above that CL is about 1000 damage short of what it would be with maxed synergies and that Meteor with maxed synergies hits 11,000 vs the 9,000 in the build I suggested. I figured I would likely be using Frozen Orb and Chain Lightning most of the time and the meteor would come into play against act bosses and Cold/Lightning immunes. With that in mind maybe it would be best to do what you suggested and take a few points away from the fire side and move them over to the Chain Lightning synergies? Could also use Lightning GC's exclusively to bump up the damage. Would an 8,000-9,000 damage Meteor work for act bosses?

Oh and daznis, thanks for the constructive criticism. From what little I could interpret in your post it sounds like you feel that the tri-elemental build is not viable and that everyone would be better off with a Meteor/Orb build. I'm fully aware that the FO/CL and Meteor/Orb builds are proven to be successful. I posted this build hoping to generate some discussion and see if some of the experienced forum members could take a crack at putting together a Tri-elemental.


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daznis said:
why? just tell me why are yuo doing such a shity sos? make a pure cold or a pure fire sos, and have no trouble. No yuo just want to e something diffrent and dumb in one?
Guess one of the forum posters found hes way into these forums..
Maybe original poster have both cold and fire sorcs already and got bored @ them. Or maybe he just want to find something different, than 99% of all sorcs in realms and make it work perhaps.

GL, Darkside, to your build.


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Greetings everyone. I have not read the whole thread so excuse me if any of the following has been said already.

Well, my (very) old tri elementalist is still working fine for me :)

She is something like:

- Frozen orb: level 20.
- Firewall: level 20.
- Thunderstorm: level 20.
- Warmth: level 20.
- Masteries: level 1 for cold, level 2 for fire, and level 11 (I believe) for lightning.
- Others: Energy shield, Teleport, Static field (this one is a prerrequisite anyway). Level 1 for all of them.

Nope, she does not benefit from any sinergies at all. That's because she was made before LoD and level until 99 in 1.08 and 1.09. Anyway, she works.

As for her gear, I switch some stuff now and then depending in the situation but it is mostly this one:

- Helm: Um'ed Harlequin Crest.
- Amulet: Mara's Caleidoscope.
- Rings: Stones of Jordan.
- Armor: Ormus' robes 15% cold 14% fire 15% lightning +3 to Firewall, not socketed yet - I'm kind of proud about this one :) Anyway, Vipermagi may be a better choice at times, especially if you lack resistances.
- Shield: Moser's blessed circle, socketed with 2 P. diamonds - LOTS of resistances.
- Weapon: Oculus, socketed with a +something all resistances jewel; I'm collecting the runes for HotO tho. I wish Death's Fathom was not ladder only :(
- Gloves: Magefist.
- Belt: Arachnid mesh.
- Boots: Waterwalk.

The charms are 7 cold skillers with useful secondary mods (especially life) and lots of life / mana or life / resistances small charms. She's got one pretty decent Annihilus too.

Now about a sinergized tri elementalist, I'm thinking of making one with Fireball and Blizzard, thought I have my doubts about the lightning spell. I hate Lightning and Chain's minimum damage, so I will probably go for Charged Bolt or maybe Thunderstorm again. I believe the lightning offensive spells need some improvement overall.

I have not had time to make a proper 1.10 sorceress yet tho (lots of work :mad: ), so I cannot tell how will that work.

Anyway, the old one is still doing her job very efficiently.



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daznis said:
why? just tell me why are yuo doing such a shity sos? make a pure cold or a pure fire sos, and have no trouble. No yuo just want to e something diffrent and dumb in one?
Hahahaha, darkside ignore this guy as he has no idea what he's talking about and looks like he's just the usual bnetter. I think your build could work and it'd be cool cuz it wouldn't be one of the big 3. :thumbsup: for you trying something new and hopefully fun.


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When I played D2 the first time around, I really enjoyed doing tri-sorces.

But, when I started playing again with 1.10, I went with

max Blizzard (with maxed GS, 10 CM and 10 Blast)
max Firewall (with about 8 in FM)
1 in static

+12 in skills.

So, with a level 13 static, it has pretty good range.
This is about as close to a tri-sorc as I am going to get.. LOL.

But maybe it could be fun to try the above.