Treeharls 1.00 level 90 challenge


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Itemhunting part one.

After finding a pretty neat amu I decided to put this one straight in use. It also made me think about how do I want to finish the medium level runs (till level **). I made a list from what I would like to be at my sorc gear in total. 3 items are pretty much fixed, 1 soj, frosts and wall of the eyeless.

This is my personal list what I would like to achieve from my gear:

Resist (total):
Poison: 50
Cold: 125
Light: 166
Damage Reduce: 5
MF%: 100
FHR: 2 points (=20 fhr later on, calculated differently pre 1.07)
FCR: 5 points (=50 fcr later on, calculated differently pre 1.07)
Life: 600
Mana: 1000
Pdr%: 75

Why 166 lightresist? Because oblivion knights actually cast lower resist on you. In combination with a le or msleb boss that means a rather quick death.
50 poison resist is enough (= 0 on hell) because we could get 75% pdr easely from or an armor or a helm.

Though not all points will be imediatly possible to reach (Expecially reaching 100 mf is challenging!). At level 90 I focuss on a 24 skill build, but for the timebeing I'd rather toy around with mf without sacrificing survivability.

So before we continue to mindlessly xp, (xp drops rather quickly now) we want to make our runs as proffitable as possible. We quickly find out our gear isnt sufficient at this point! I decided it's time to hunt some boots. What stats are we looking for? Definiatly mf%, we are aiming for 28-34 on our boots slot. Resist is also the main strength of boots. Since lightres could be gathered from other parts of my gear (and don't forget our lovely mf amu comes with 50 light resist) we aim for cold resist and fire resist on the boots.

So yeah we tried hunting some boots from normal cow king untill our seed decays:
Primary greaves seed as most common drop (40% of our runs dropped rare boots!)
cowking seed.jpg
Resulting in:
Quite some triresist stuff there, but not what we are looking for. Our seed decayed at that point (got over 100 different rare boots at that point) and I didn't find a better seed at the time of writing.

Other finds:
Stone Grasp: Cow King hell (prism ring with cast!)
Raven Heart: Gambled (prism amu with cast and mf! Lucky me lol!)
Other items where found at Cow King normal when looking for a decent seed.

As we didn't get what whe need I say: To be continued!


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Aaand we did it, we hit level 87.

Q: Wait what, Treeharl you noob you told us you where greaves hunting?
A: We coudn't get a decent seed after trying atleast 25 times doing over 125 runs total and we got bored. And what do we do if we get bored, we decide to levelup.
A2: I promise we'll return to greaves hunting this time (untill the seeds are being useless aigain!).
A3: Go find a Phar Blade.
A4: Your house is green.

Now with that out of the way:

We put our stats in vit (yet aigain, what else would you expect from a sorc with 1150 mana) and our skill in cold mastery (71% pierce).
Runstats: 42 runs at 2,8M xp average. Our avarage xp will drop by quite alot the next few levels! We are just one level of from hard mode (lvl 87+1-90).

Notable finds:

Our finds wheren't great this time (exept a very decent war belt with cold dmg +48 lres and str a barbs dream, but ehh I use goldwrap on mine for some mf) but I show them anyway...

Finds at cs:
Gambled when leveling:
(oh and spoilers, when converting that raven to 1.14 on a non expension char we get a 33 explosive arrow bow with no lvl req, but I use it for my own ench sorc on 1.00)
Goldwrap is my second one, but I didn't like gear shifting on my barb so I just gambled another one. Because why not.
After we hit level 87 I decided to go a full round on amu's and sashes (because I need a Lenymo for a low level char). We nailed our first two +2 amu's (with ulta super duper stats! oh wait). Anyway I did want to show em so aigain, because why not.


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Damn man, you now match my WW barb's level. I'm in the process of getting past level 87, but as I am too lazy to make new games all the time, I just run maggots. I'm also too lazy to level other chars, so they're ingame leeching, which means less exp for my barb....


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Itemhunting part two: Agony

Greaves are agony....


First of all as a lot of 1.07 rackrunners are familiar with you need to teleport exactly the same or you might get different results. Some seeds are more stable then others. In my case if I teleported above the red line too early I get rare War Scythes instead of greaves. I had exactly to teleport at my green line in order to get 40% rare greaves and 60% rare plated belts.
As you can possibly imagine you want to take the shortcut and that happened a lot.
Also if you waited in town to long you get rare War Scythes aswell.

If rng is starting to troll you you end up with this: (yes I screenshotted all fail items and trashed them). It took me about 3 hours of running (due to unstable seed). If that isn't agony somebody needs to give me a correct translation!

Eventually we end with what we are looking for:
That took alot of attempts (see screenshot above). Still fhr is lacking cold resist and mf are on the low side, but the fire resist was needed the most!

I got 20% more plated belts as greaves and yes they where equally bad. I got only one I decided to keep:


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** Some questions below this post.

We did it we hit level 87+1! Now we officially entered hard mode. From this point it will take more than 50 cs runs to levelup (I guess **-89 will take about 70 runs, have to calculate). Skillpoint put in Cold Mastery (73%).

I will change my posting format a bit as I am going to post parts of leveling from now on. (Otherwise I am grinding way to much without updating anything, not going to be to lazy!)

First lets start with our runstats. It took 48 runs with an avarage of 2,6M xp total each run. We found absolutely nothing (still I have some screenies) and gambled over 5M gold away and get nothing aigain (exept a 45 mf tarnhelm).

Since people are intrested how much xp I make from certain targets i'll post a little table (instead of a screenshot with a Phar Blade).

Xp at level 87:
type                             xp
Urdar boss + 3 minions           151264
4 Urdar Champions                226906
Infector + Pack                  188513
Seis  + Pack                     152847
Visier + Pack                    191795
Diablo                           550772
Notable finds:

We found a grailer! A 5x durability failed unique Grave Wand.
Q: But eh only tc87 uniques and sets can be grailers?
A: We need some grailers for our playthough, right...
A2: I guess its the rarest item that you can find from hell cs (combined with a 5x dura Divine Scepter).
A2,5: Please find yourself a Crown of Ages on 1.00
A3: Go find a Phar Blade.
A4: Your house is green.
So yeah to sum it up we found our "golden sacred armor" from 1.00 and after identifying it turned out to be a templars might that we can't use on our merc. Sadly its only use was 25K at Halbu.
A Jang Bong drop. Quite a rare item at cs but dropped by Cowking aswell:
Our "findings" gambled +2 nec amu and tarn rest is from cs. (meh just for sake of posting something, not because it is of any use)

And now back to Grim Wand hunting

So now lets move to some actual questions:

1) What should we do with our stats? There are some options here and I have to make a decision at this point!
a put them in strength and the next two levelups aswell so we have 85 str (we got 70 base).
b continue putting them in vit
c put them in energy

To elaborate: Str has one major use. If we ever going to decide to wear -40% req ornate (102 str req) now its the time to invest. Combined with some str boots we reach our 102 str. Vit is general survivability and mana increases the playability of the char.

2) I am planning to do a full regear and I could use some input. As I have several options on each itemslot, should I make a post where I show all options per itemslot and let the community choose which options they recommend?

3) Would you like to see some area's covered where I hunt for item X or Y. If yes what area would that be?


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Regearing and preparing for csing aigain:

Yes we abandonned the Cow King seed...

Status of Grim Wand hunting: totally failed. (I did try though, but the results where abyssmal, damn you 19 max dmg ones!)
Status of Cow King running: way to many runs....

Notable finds:

1. Go check IFT
2. Prism rings prism rings everywhere.
3. Go check IFT
4. You persist, luckely I didn't post this helm there. Yes this is absolutely the best helm I ever saw on classic resist wise (fhr + life ones have a different niche).
5. Gambled a shard.
Number of prism rings kept: 7 (!!!)
Number of Ornates kept: 3
Number of Mage Plates kept: 2
Number of Martels kept: 3
Number of random junk kept: too much aigain
+ Crown from above


We prepared ourselves for running cs aigain. Our old gear was great mf wise but eh kinda lacked everything else, since we nearly died 3 times with that gear we decided to do a regear at this point. (No we can't use our 40% req ornate from IFT yet, need level 90 for that one).

So to make this writeup not a wall of text I post everything in two pictures (which is also an update on her gear). The red numbers on the inventory is the old equip while the green numbers show the replacements. Also uploaded another char screen with aditional stats. Ironically the prism ring in the build isn't found at our last sesion. Expet the crown its all older stuff from a bit earlier.

Q: EEhhh treeharl? You did find a 62 poison resist 42 light super duper gz ring right? Why aren't you using that one???
A: We will be using that one after RNG gods decide to give me a decent amu with cast. And guess what... we can't run amu's from Cow King! That means gambling them by hand like everyone is doing on 1.13c!



So yeah that is basically my process.


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Just because I can: Here are two hell cs runs captured on video. With practice on this seed I could be atleast 1 min faster each run! (No wall of text or a hard read this time!). Yes this is how 1.00 looks and how 1.00 extra fast seis is. Oh and sorry for the minor delay at start of the video!

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Small update:

We reach 1.417M xp which means we gathered 54M xp and just passed 44% of our levelup. So far itemwise it isn't intresting. We are at run 37 at this point and the ETA for next level will be 45-50 runs. That means this levelup will take atleast 75 runs minimum total and worst case 90. Avarage runtime is 5,5 min. Yeah cosy runehunters in 1.13c and 1.14d its getting grindy on 1.00 and I don't get any hrs (life is unfair)!

(Untill prism rings with over 120 total resist and 13 dex will drop and suddenly you like 1.00)...


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Large update:

We have reached level 89! I didn't expect myself reaching that target at all on 1.00. Took me 77 runs total which is "quite the grind". Changed the seed a bit because the random bosses in the first seed wheren't really rerunable. Ironically when playing classic 1.13c on bnet it would take me 120 runs to get from 87+1 to 89. And guess what I recorded the event (gotta love recording software). You have two options while watching this, or whats a whole 15 min of nostalgic gameplay or skip to 13:30.

Notable finds: As we are playing with zero mf this time our finds where a bit less as last run. First of all we get another unique Cow King can't drop Woestave.
Other finds:
The barb amu came from big diablo himself. While this prism amu is nearly exactly what I am looking for on my sorc I can't bear wasting the barb skill and manaleach. And as such this amu ends being used by my 1.00 barb due to very obvious reasons. The blue amu's have been gambled. 175% ed knouts are always fun but their usage is rather limited. About the pike its blue and it has 149 max dmg, what is not to like? (The 25 durability noob Treeharl....).

So yeah whats next:

Grim Wand hunting I suppose.....

Aaand before I forget. How does a seised game look like (happened 1 time).


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With 49M to go before we hit level 90 the main question is what is our next objective.

First question is obviously if I want to continue with playing 1.00. Simpely put 1.00 is awesome due to various reasons, although it lacks a bit of varity from later patches. Others are finding grailers such as golden Sacred Armors Zod runes etc where my grailers are limited to 5x durability Grave Wands. Aand generally other people like those grailers much more as the ones on 1.00. Still I think a playthough of 1.00 might be boring to others compared to the much more known 1.13c. But if that is the case, what makes 1.00 still awesome. The fact I can do Am I lucky video's with ease! I just have to farm for a limited period of time to identify 25x or 25y. And ofcourse the fact those rares outweight lod rares when done propperly.

So after thinking a while I decided there are some objectives I might want to try next:
1. Joining the RFO on 1.07 and doing flayer runs or halls of pain runs. (still got a level 78 sorc on 1.07!)
2. Try a mephisto hell questglitcher on 1.13c classic or lod (still undecided about that one)
3. Continue the challenge till level 93.

But I am a bit unsure which one should be picked first. So yeah hopefully the reader has an advise!


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I'm still at lvl 87 with my barb on 1.00 but I am considering switching to high goldfind gear and never mind the fewer +2 all amulets. Getting to lvl 90 is awesome; lvl 93 for all amulets to be affix lvl 90 would be nuts!

There are SO many unexplored aspects of 1.07, so I'm sure I have a lot of people with me when I say we need more curious people playing that patch =)

About the quest glitch, the items which hell meph can drop really do pile up quickly, by just running him normally, with a good and static map. However, doing Baal and Andariel in the same game might prove worthwhile, with Baal able to drop anything but full rejuvs and andy with her high ring drops.... However, the loss of a static map for meph.... not sure about that one.


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@helvete Problem is gold find gear is not really worth it... Unless you run the same champion pack over and over and over aigain. Rather get as much dmg as possible and sell all armors wands and staves from act 4. Or put mf on and try to hunt for yellow rings + boots. Gold finding is something for later patches as the 1.00 gameplay is too limited to do so efficiently without getting bored. I bet I can get more gold with cow king running on normal with a low sorc as a gold find barb can at higher levels on act4. Also I discovered a kinda big and terrible bug when it compares to level other characters in your game.

The experience penalty carries over to your leachers... Which means leachers get only 1/4 xp from maggots when you are running with a level 85+ char. As I figured out you need a level 65-74 killer that doesn't get past level 75 (derpy isn't it?)!

Also I will continue for level 93 as indeed it is doable and gives me such an edge over amu gambling etc. But first some 1.07 gameplay! I did well over 500 1.00 cs run total (grasp) and I could use a little break. A meph glitcher is ment as dual glitcher indeed baal + meph otherwise it woudn't be worth it anyway. Anyway 18M to go before level 90!


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Actually, running the same champions over and over again was my intention exactly, as they have very limited drops. If I could get, say, 4 urdars close to RoFl WP who drops boots, rings, belts and gold, well, then I'm golden. Pretty decent on exp too, but ofc. boring. I managed to get around 650% extra gold, leaving rings and weapon for leech and damage, this is with maxed resists too.

However, I haven't had the time to find a good map for that yet =)


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@helvete There is a major downside to that aswell and its called seed decay. If you finally get such map your urdars might never drop a rare ring at all. The same truncated patterns that aply to Cow King apply to your urdars aswell makng it very limited option. Aaand even if you do get a ring seed on them they have limited "waranty". I believe the same seed has 256 different "items" due rng. With champions 87,5% of those are magic and 12,5% of those are rare. meaning if my therory is right you have only 32 rares to look for before your seed runs out of options.

There is another downside here as hell boots and belts are generally worse than their normal counterparts. The more I play 1.00 the more I lean to area cleaners versus static mob killers (excluding Cow King ofcourse). If your area cleaner can carry 100-150 mf you find 3-4 rares on avarage on a full ROF run while exping aswell.

I am currently expirimenting with a CE IM necro aswell (when I get bored with my sorc) but he is just level 30, so I can't give you feedback on him yet.


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But if they drop a lot of gold then, and some exceptional armor.... That may be worth it. I'll have to look into it.


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@helvete if you are gold minded its worth it as the ratio gold/min will be the highest. Expecially if you get ornates or Chaos armors in your seed. But.... Gambeling 20 amu's takes about 10 min even with a Cow Portal near Gheeds. At level 87 you have a 40% chance of ilvl 87+1 amu's. 2 of those 20 amu's will be rare meaning you get 0,8 ilvl 87+1 amu's. Lets say those urdars give you 1 rare every 5 runs and no truncation appears (which doesn't happen but lets calc IF) It takes still about 30-40 runs to fill your belt with gold. Such a run will take 30 seconds. That means overall you get 5 rares + 0,8 ilvl 87+1 amu's within 30 minutes. If I compare those odds to Cow King which takes 1 min to get the desired rare item on normal and 2 min on hell (Would be even possible with a barb). It kinda means trading 7 rares vs 30 prelod (or 15 if hell) rares IF cow King drops only his rare seed. At level 90-91 it might be worth gold hunting but I really woudn't recommend at your level.


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What is easy mode you might ask? Have you seen all those little xp giving young maggots in the screenshot above you. They where of great xp. But as their monster level is 74 their xp will rapidly decay now.
View attachment 4488 View attachment 4489
Are you sure about this? It looks to me like the RoF alvl is 77 in classic which would make the maggots level 77 unless there's some kind of special exception. That's only 1 level below CS and cows at alvl=78. Of course, the maggots don't get any unique or champion level bonus, and in CS only the regular mobs would have mlvl 78.

And my 1.00 barb is level 83 and getting experience from the maggots that seems much more consistent with a difference of 6 levels (which should give 81% of normal) than a difference of 9 levels (which should give 24% of normal). I am still getting great xp and leveling quickly although I'm expecting it to drop off over the next few levels. Am I missing something here?

Edit: The barb is level 84 now and xp is noticeably getting slower, but it definitely doesn't seem like the 5% of normal that I should be getting for mobs 10 levels lower if the maggots were level 74. The 61% of normal I should be getting for a mob 7 levels lower seems just about right. So absent any evidence to the contrary I'm going to conclude that the maggots are in fact level 77. Since they are such a good source of xp, I think it will be worth it to kill them until the 5% kicks in at clvl 87, or at least until clvl 86. I'll probably start testing CS runs around level 85-86 to see how they compare - I'm doing this self-MP with 8 characters in game, so I can use a sorc for CS to avoid IM and just have the barb leech. Also, in a MP game, the Lord de Seis bug will only crash the character that's fighting him and the game will stay open, so you don't have to start the run over, just restart and rejoin.
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@helvete Also I discovered a kinda big and terrible bug when it compares to level other characters in your game.

The experience penalty carries over to your leachers... Which means leachers get only 1/4 xp from maggots when you are running with a level 85+ char. As I figured out you need a level 65-74 killer that doesn't get past level 75 (derpy isn't it?)!
Interesting, and disappointing. I wonder if it works the other way around though - what if you have a level 65-74 killer, and a level 85+ leecher? It sounds like the killer's experience penalty is incorrectly being applied before the experience is shared with party members, rather than after, so maybe the killer's experience penalty will be the one used for the whole party, regardless of whether it's higher or lower than the leecher(s)' penalty would have been.


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That last post there could be extremely interesting, if this is the case. That would make levels 85-99 faster to leech than to grind for oneself.

That special exception is that pre 1.10, monster levels were taken from monstats.txt on every difficulty, not just normal. This is why they're lvl 90 for half of hell in 1.07-1.09 and this is why the monster levels in a single area differ. You'll notice when you get to 87 and maggots, finger mages and abyss knights start giving less than 1/10th of what urdars, corpse spitters and flesh spawners give.