Treeharls 1.00 level 90 challenge


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First of all greetings I am back aigain. Where have you been you might be asking, well not far away from diablo 2. I played on bnet with my dual griefbarb in my freetime. After "cheating" with griefs there I decided to return to what I truely like a game without runewords with an actual challenge. Unfortuniatly due to my awaytime my laptop totally crashed but I did recover my savefiles including my 1.00 sorceress.

Now onwards to the actual challenge
- Hit level 90 on 1.00 (and gamble a crapload of amu's at that time)

Current situation:
Tera sorceress.jpg

- 20 Frozen orb (= 152-155 dmg)
- 6 Cold mastery (= 63%)
- 20 Warmth
- 16 Static Field (14 rad at 4 mana cost)
- 6 Lightning Mastery (46% less mana)
- 1 Teleport (12 mana cost)
- 9 points in prereqs

Gear (most gear is from normal Cow King while making my guide)
Tera gear.jpg


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Good luck sir, i sure will be looking at this thread as you make progress!


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Bam we hit level 77. Or do we need 80% of our level still? The xp bar is clearly bugged at higher levels (starting from lvl 75). Those maggots at ROF really help us out. In case you didn't know the young maggots on ROF actually give xp at 1.00 (3 maggots = 1 urdar). This is only going to be effective till level 82-84 but aigain it will help our process quite a bit. We made 1,2 mil gold with selling scepters and armors while leveling up. Time to gamble I guess!

Xp bar is clearly bugged....
xpbar bug.jpg


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First of all thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it.


BAM with a clang we enter level 78 (and yet another bugged xp bar but lets not worry about that.) I managed to roll a ROF map with a maggot boss near the start which gives nearly 1M xp at my level. We put the skills from both levelups in es so we have 56% es now and split the stats 5 in vit 5 in energy. Unfortuniatly we also had to note one death at this point because I teleported right inside a bosspack with extra fast oblivion knights. We also spend all our 1,2M at gheeds to gamble amu's and rings. In te process we gamble 2 out of 3 unique rings already. Ofcourse I keep those in my stash to never ever gamble em aigain (unless I might need another Etlich). I probally do an itemhunt now as my fhr is clearly lacking in cs (rip maggot ROF map).

Notable finds:
Nokozan (gamble)
Eye of Etlich (gamble).

Aaaand to end my post.


Edit: No need to leave my map to Cow King is great aswell
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On 1.00 energy shield is amazing.

Allow me to quote Xinhuan from lurkers lounge

"Energy Shield (ES) is an important skill because it extends the hp of a sorceress by using her mana as part of her hp. For the ignorant people out there, ES takes double mana damage, meaning that if your Energy Shield is at 40%, and you take 100 damage, you will suffer 60 hp and 80 mana (not 40 mana as you might have imagined). This is the high cost of using your mana as part of your hp. Just how much high should a sorceress' ES be then? If it is too high, you will run out of mana quickly when you take damage, while if it is too low, you are not maximising your effective hp."

After lod you only absorb 50% of the incomming damage instead of 100% before 1.07. In my case I am at 56% es 511 life and 1070 mana (at the lurkers lurkers lounge there is a calculator) which gives me an effective hp amount of 1174. That is about 674 extra life points (which if we translate in vit would mean 337 points of vit. If I don't get hit ofcourse I can spam that manapool to orb things like ROF and cows quickly.

Also since monsters deal usually less than 100 dmg per hit you won't be without mana usually and when you do in most cases your energy shield let you save and exit on time where if I was going full vita I would be instagibbed. Do note that manaburn monsters are not as bugged on 1.00 as they are after 1.10!


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Aaand we reached level 79 already and ran Cow King about 35 times. We put the stats in vit this time and the skill in frozen armor (prereq for chilling armor). Several rof + cs runs did the trick aigain as our xp from cows is rather mediocre. Our mapseed from cows provided us with a lot of rare bonehelms which unfortuniatly wheren't really usefull. We found just one rare at cs but eh that rare is actually quite usefull. Or should I say that rare mage plate is great... We quickly realise that our fresh found mage plate is way better as our current rare so we decide to switch armors. An other notable find are some magic find gloves with life + resist which I might use on my barbarian, these dropped from Cow King.

Notable finds (kept)

Notable finds from Cow King that where of no use and are sold to Akara


Last but not least you actually can find Nightwing on 1.00



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We did it, we hit our first milestone as we hit level 80. That means easy mode will soon end.

What is easy mode you might ask? Have you seen all those little xp giving young maggots in the screenshot above you. They where of great xp. But as their monster level is 74 their xp will rapidly decay now. Still I think running them till level 82 would be a viable thing to do. So to summerize easymode will end in about 2 levels.

Now on to the character herself.

We put the skillpoint in chilling armor because you know moar def feels good liek turbo immortal sorc (oh wait 1.00 mobs have 3x their intended ar). We put the stats in vit because you know 10 moar life feels good liek turbo immortal sorc.

But wait.... we are still using a blue wand at level 80!!1 With just 20 fcr, you got to be kidding me. Go mf you lazy treeharl ROF running maggot. So yeah, I decided to stop te leveling a bit to go wand hunting. I had some mf equip on my mule (tarnhelm 43 gull 27 mf ring) worth 187 mf total. So I decided to do two runs in normal with 4 players in the game to hopefully get a rare wand. We got 7 rares each run but not the wand we are looking for. At those times you think well 187 mf is nice but we want moar. Luckely 4 player runs on 1.00 are exelent to find alot of rods and Halbu will buy em all for 10k-15k gold. So we stack up to 1,3mil gold. Goldwrap was the missing link in our mf settup so we gamble about 21 heavy belts before seeing that lovely blue collor appearing. We also gamble a blue amulet with 30 mf so we get a grand total of 247 mf. I did two 4 player runs aigain before having that lovely ber rune drop (oh wait umes lament which is certainly as rare as a lod ber). So yeah we got two setups now. One xp getting setup and one 247 mf settup to get a crapload of rares in normal! Ending the post with some pictures.

minorhaul.jpg umesdrop.jpg


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Goodbye easy mode, welcome to medium mode!

I decided to fully complete easy mode as we just hit level 82. Yes we did two levels since last post. I was right as running maggots still gave decent experience at level 81, but most of the time we where already cs running. All of our stats where put in to vitality and our skills both in static field. We officially entered medium mode (level 82 till 86).

We did a lot of cow king running to get another soj, which we did. We are not putting the soj straight in use as our cast + resist would be lacking. We didn't find any notable rares exept for the amazing ring in the ift. We gambled two times 1,3M and found the 3rd unique amu, mahim oak.

Notable finds:
Mahim Oak Curio: Gamble
Best ring ever from ift: cs normal

We nearly died three times. One time due to infector with might + teleport, one time due getting surrounded by extra fast visier + mobs and once due to the boss posted below (max light resist really saved me).

Here is a picture of one of the worst possible bosses with 5 lightingbolts (instead of the easy to dodge 3) from 1.00 (holy freeze is not really visable but eh it was there and it nearly killed me).


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Klabam we hit level 83! It took me about 25 full hell cs runs with 1 player in the game. That means several things.

1. We are halfway our challenge based on numbers (and about 3% of the grind I guess...)
2. We completed the first medium level.
3. One more levelup to go before we have a slight chance of gambling +2 amu's (due to 1.00 magic level of +2 on amu's)

Notable finds
Numerous rares from various Cow King runs, chech IFT
Cs didn't gave us anything.

Notable events
Game seised (=chrashed) at Lord de Seis (Aigain!) after he tries to thief a potion after he gets killed.
XP bar gets bugged twice when leveling from 82 to 83

No regear at this point. We will be looking for a rare grim wand before we continue with our next levelup.

In case anybody is intrested 1 random boss at rof + full cs clear gives 3,5M xp at level 82 on 1.00 (players 1). It takes me 7 min to do a full run. I am curious how that compares with leveling on 1.07 lod at the same level.

Edit forgot to mention: Statpoint in to vit and skill into static (1 point to go before max)
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Leveling is a lot faster in 1.07 because half of hell has lvl 90 as base monster level, and act 5 monsters and cows are very generous with their exp.

I have achieved level ** with a 1.00 WW barb (can't do CS efficiently, because of my favorite band...). This was done by maggoting while leveling other characters at the same time, so pretty inefficient. Also done with a 25 durability pike, which meant a lot of town trips. Lastly, collecting gems for 1.07 cubing slowed me even further down.


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I guess you're right @helvete about mlvl 90 on both cows as on act 5 as whole meaning xp decay would start at level 95 instead of 79 in my case.

I really struggle with desync on 1.00 in case of my sorc, so essentially I am locked in players 1 due to preformance issues. As I use an energy shield base build any desync could be fatal. About maggot running it was great since it lasted but due to their mlvl of 74 their xp dropped to a to low number to make running them still worthwile. Diablo on the otherhand gives 0,5M every kill till level 85.

If I where you I would be running urdars mostly at ROF till level 92 (for gambling etc), there is not much point going futher.Also how did you mantain patience with a 25 dura pike? Those trips to halbu must be more hell as ROF ever can be. Also I do come across a lot of 125 dura pikes while Cow King running (which I will be continueing for now).


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Yeah, I recently found myself a 125 dura pike. Slightly lower damage, but inbuilt cold damage and that all important quintuple durability. Kinda stuck on a good LK map in 1.07 atm, but will most definitely do more 1.00 in the future. Contemplating some gidbinn rushes, I reckon with a durimule, you could get six rare rings in pretty short time, looking for dual leech ones.


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Why gidbin rushes if you can do Cow King in less than 90 seconds on normal (if you have a ring seed) you can get 100 rare + failed unique rings at ilvl 31before your seed starts decaying. Also you do want atleast ilvl 31 because wyrms spawns at ilvl 30. A double leach ring with some mana add or resist (ilvl 25) is a very nice combo. I really doubt you can get ilvl 25+ from normal gidbin. In my case I am looking for a prism rare ring with fcr and a high single resist, so I have to do hell runs.


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Aaand we hit level 84 already!

Stats: Vitality
Skillpoint: Staticfield (which is now maxed!)

Level 84 means I have a 10% chance of gambling amu's which can spawn with +2 skills (this chance is very slim however)

Notable finds:
Gambled twinch and Wraith Shell, other finds are from hell cs.

Avaraged 3,2M xp each run, this levelup took about 30 cs runs.


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Clang and bang two levels aigain. We just hit level 86 at the time of writing!

I could summerize the levelup from 84 to 85 as:
32 cs runs
Nothing special dropped (exept a pretty bad leach ring 6ll 126 ar 12pr 44 mana and an absolute insane bonus of 1 str!!!)
We gambled nothing (and wasted 3 mil gold!)
Game seised twice (damn :( ).
Stats in vit and skill in cold mastery (best part of running I guess...).

The levelup from 85 to 86 was clearly more intresting as some decent drops showed up (finally!)

Notable finds:
Finally a grim wand with some resist and 20 fcr (rare ones are so hard to get!)
Amu doesn't need an explanation, does it? 127 total resist combined with some mf (at clevel 20!).

We gambled a very very underrated item: Felloak. 60 light resist is great (if you can't get wizzy on 1.07 you might like it there.) Imo Felloak outclasses shard any day of the week, expecially if you don't have max light resist. I might use it for my necro or hdin. The ring lacks cast but is still a bit noteworthy.

Possibly my best 1.00 find in a long time. And yes I will make a level 31 enchant sorc later on!

Skillpoint in cold mastery (now 69% pierce)
Stats in vit.
34 cs runs (still 3,2M xp)

And the great news, the game didn't get seised at this levelup!