treasure class a few questions


treasure class a few questions

Hi i am currently running hell cows and i would like to know what the monster class level is there.

i know that it goes up to 85 and that the pits etc hold these and well as baal.

but is there a guide giving all details as i would likr to know what i can find there and more importantly what i cannot



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The Cow level is a mlvl 81 area. Check out ATMA's drop calculator, that will give you all the information you are after. (It's linked in the SPF and I'm pretty sure it's in krischan's sig.)


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Cows can drop items from any treasure class - except for the Cow King. However, they are just L81 (champions are L82 and bosses and their minions are L84), so while they can drop coronas, they cannot drop a CoA (quality level 86), for example.

TC is something different than qlvl. For more information about it, use the search function.