Travis Day weighs in on ROS drop rates


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After reading the comments on this site about this article, I understand what happened to Diablo 3: The developers let people post in forums about Diablo 3.


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The more I look at this, the more I start to wonder if items are the real issue. More so I think that because at some point in D3V\'s infancy someone decided that items should define your character rather than stat points and individual builds, it created a paradox. On one hand, you cant make your build without the items, but on the other hand whats the point in having the build once your ideal gear set is completed.

I don\'t see how items could ever be in a good spot when theres no sense of identity to a character without them.


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I'm surprised they actually posted in the MVP thread. Props to them for doing so. That said, it wasn't a very good post. Revealing the timer was a very, very, bad idea. BUT it was the honest thing to do. Props to them for that, too. Shows Bobby isn't micro managing everything over at Blizzard these days.

Post sadly seems to confirm that the D3 devs have no idea about what sort of game D3 should be, and have no idea the kind of people their customers are. The second fact isn't too surprising since at one point there were 12 million of them, hard to find a connection between that many people other than the game itself. Also, Bind on Account means legendaries should rain down from the sky like in F&F. They made the game so the game IS legendaries. So if you're not constantly being flooded by them, you're not really playing the game.


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\"someone decided that items should define your character rather than stat points and individual builds\"

The people who did this were the original creators of Diablo if you ask me. D1 had an almost completely linear character progression, you didn\'t really had builds at all. You randomly got spells and slowly worked towards maxed Attributes. The real difference between characters was in the items they used. Items allowed a Sorcerer to play like a Warrior, or conversely a Warrior to play like a Sorcerer, not your spells or Attributes.

In D2 Strength and Dexterity were prerequisites for items. I don\'t know about you, but it was always the items that dictated how much STR and DEX my characters had, without exception. Vitality was the only stat I increased for it\'s actual effect. In my opinion, Attributes were there only to support your items, not as a separate customization system.

Skills could go both ways. You could decide which skills you wanted to use and then choose items based on that. However, knowing all the items in the game and basing your builds around them was the better way to do things. The value of some items often rivaled multiple levels worth of Attribute and skill points. Your gear had more effect on your character\'s performance than anything else. If you take out Attributes and skill points the game remains largely the same. Take out items however and progression becomes an exercise in patience.


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\"Shows Bobby isn’t micro managing everything over at Blizzard these days.\"

Alternatively, and I know this may be hard to believe, it\'s possible that as a CEO it\'s not Bobby\'s job to get into the nitty-gritty details of game development, like who may post what on the forums. A surprising possibility, I know, especially when one is paranoid without reason.

\"Post sadly seems to confirm that the D3 devs have no idea about what sort of game D3 should be\"

I think it would be more accurate to say that their views on what the game should be doesn\'t align with yours.

\"and have no idea the kind of people their customers are.\"

Oh, reading the comment section on fan sites showed them a long time ago.


You might be a little rose-tinted in your glasses. After all, we spent years making angry jokes about goddamned green breastplates. That said, it\'s pretty ridiculous how far the D3 guys have moved from the slot machine payoff fun of item finding in D2.

I get that they want legs to be special and build changing and all that, and plenty of uniques/sets in D2 were junk, or mediocre at best... but it\'s still fun to find such things. You don\'t really mind most of them being junk if you find them so often.

The scarcity of legs in D3 puts much more pressure on every one to be good, or else you feel like your 2 hours of play time was wasted.


I\'ve found 4 legs in the past couple of days, and 3 of them were amulets. Just luck of the RNG there, but it shows why gambling could be helpful, to fill in the blanks.

It\'s way too soon to estimate the gambling rate and how that\'ll work, but I know 1 person who has gambled a leg so far (a crossbow) and that\'s out of 5 or 6 people who have gambled around 400+ shards each. I\'ve done about 650 shards (I had 400 when the patch hit) and gotten nothing but rares, though I did get slight upgrades for my Monk and DH via those rare weapons.


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Disagree, although gear made your build actually do damage in D2, skills and their synergies are what dictated your play style. In this way, your progression was controlled by how much damage your build could do (partially controlled by gear depending on your class, which needed to be fixed for sure) but your skills and playstyle was entirely your choice.

There needs to be a healthy balance like this where you have both skill and gear progression in order to take some of the heat off an item system that cant do two things at once (that being appease short term progress goals and still maintain long term playability).


No one\'s mentioned Hellgate London yet? Haters have short memories or what? People were much angrier at Bill Roper and the other devs about that game than I\'ve ever seen anyone about D3. Yet.


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Well HellGate was a bad and barebones game, just like D3. I think people were really cruel with Flagship at the time but I dont see myself ever feeling sorry for D3. Nope, sorry Blizzard, unlike Flagship, you had the time and budget to it right.


I just read this (in)famous thread on us forum and i need to say those 2 MvP\'s are relentless ;f This isnt good day for Travis ;F

Steven Hazani

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I think he\'s suggesting that a different timer exists for returning players to reward them initially so they want to keep playing. Kind of like how WoW offers you 1 week of free play time periodically to get you to return, Diablo gives out extra legendaries the first couple hours after you return.

I don\'t know if it\'s true, but I wouldn\'t be surprised.
As someone who has left for days, weeks, or months at a time many times I'd say there is a "rested bonus" of sorts. I always get some good runs right after not playing a while and then it levels off after a while.


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I feel sad.
It seems to me RoS will be such a rushed product, that no amount of patching will ever make it recover in the eyes of the community.
What I don\'t get most of all is this rushed release.
It\'s clear the on the 25.03.2014 a lot of people will be disappointed.
It took Blizz a whole year to get D3V to a playable state, and RoS is far from being a product in an \"almost finished state\".
I would have waited until the end of 2014 and payed 60 bucks for a finished product.
In fact I was so sure of the fact they will take their time to make it right, that I made a bet it wouldn\'t be released until Q3-Q4 that is gonna cost me all my HC chars.
Which I agreed to delete, if I lost. 2 paragon 30\'s and other biting the dust because Blizz really wants to prove that it\'s \"all for the money, baby!\".
I really love D3. I\'ve put more hours into it than I\'m comfortable to admit as an adult, and I strongly believe that it has the potential to become the best game I\'ve ever played.
But, as much as it pains me to say it, I lost hope in the dev team.
I\'ll buy the expansion as soon as it becomes available, I\'m just not so sure I\'m gonna enjoy it as I thought I would.
Too bad, because ARPG\'s are the only games I enjoy these days, and even though I enjoy PoE, I really thought D3X would be the game I\'d play until I quit gaming for good.


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A good itemization system wouldn\'t have dry spells in the first place. So the fact that they are so acknowledged as to need compensatory math to make them tenable is pretty awkward.

And I\'m pretty sure the thrust of his statement was about the whole picture and not just the one aspect of the \'timer.\'


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~250 hours logged.
9 legendaries to my name.
0 sets.

Pretty much anything is an improvement to that drop rate.


TIL People wanted the game to be built around folks that only play 1 hr a day. Blizzard listened and now everyone cries foul. Fairly certain Blizzard game players are now the lowest common denominator.


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No one\'s mentioned Hellgate London yet? Haters have short memories or what? People were much angrier at Bill Roper and the other devs about that game than I\'ve ever seen anyone about D3. Yet.
I did :wave: Back on page 4. Since no one else mentioned it I guess nobody here played it.

I even managed to finish the game :coffee:.